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Tales of the Unexpected by Dahl Roald - Book Report/Review Example

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 This report "Tales of the Unexpected by Dahl Roald" is about the death of Patrick Maloney. Mary Maloney’s call to the police station was the first indication of the death case. At the beginning of the story, one would have the impression of a loving relationship. …
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Tales of the Unexpected by Dahl Roald
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Extract of sample "Tales of the Unexpected by Dahl Roald"

  Mary is calculative in the sense that her actions are likable but she possesses malicious intentions of murdering Patrick. As regards the giggle, she seems content of her actions.
When Patrick arrives home, one can witness that something is wrong from several instances. This is demonstrable by the way he gulps his whiskey in one swing (Dahl 28). In addition, he declines the offer of food from Mary (Dahl 30). Patrick says “this is going to be a bit of a shock to you.” This news might entail information about a break-up. Mary could not accept the message. She acts as if she is striving to please Patrick. When Mary realizes that she has murdered her husband, the same astound her.
Mary strives to act normal by having make-up. She then goes to the grocery in order to fool Sam that everything was normal in the house. In this sense, Sam would easily act as a witness to her favor. She then goes back to the house and wails whereby police officers and detectives come in to address the scenario. The police’s investigation of Patrick’s death is biased in the sense that they believe an external party would have been responsible for the same.

Crime Scene
There are cheese and pork lying on the floor. Mary Maloney is holding Patrick’s body as she cries. In addition, Patrick’s body lies on the floor while facing the roof. There are signs of blood on Patrick’s head.

First Witness
The first witness is Mary Maloney. She reports that Patrick acted quite normal and drunk his usual whiskey. She says that she placed pork in the oven and went out to look for vegetables. When she retreated in the house, she found Patrick lying on the floor. Thereafter, she realizes that Patrick died.

Second Witness
The second witness is Sam. He reported that Mary came to his grocery to look for vegetables and meat. When she went back to the house, he heard screams from the same.

Probable cause
Death is possibly a murder case. It might have resulted from a hit by a blunt object. Read More
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