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A Dialogue between a Hindu Upanishad and a Jain - Essay Example

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Religious A is a Hindu and Religious B is a Jain. As they traverse around the forest to look for their way out, they cannot help but discuss their particular beliefs. The following were their…
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A Dialogue between a Hindu Upanishad and a Jain
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Extract of sample "A Dialogue between a Hindu Upanishad and a Jain"

A Dialogue between a Hindu Upanishad and a Jain For uncertain circumstances, two religious people got lost in the forest.Religious A is a Hindu and Religious B is a Jain. As they traverse around the forest to look for their way out, they cannot help but discuss their particular beliefs. The following were their dialogues;
Religious A (Hindu): Don’t worry my friend, I have a good karma and this forest will lead us back to our companion. You see, everything is interconnected and there are reasons why we are here.
Religious B (Jain): I am not worried because I am not attached to any world beings or possession. I am blissful wherever I am, even if you deemed we are lost and worries about the prospect of not returning back. Sure my love ones will weep for me because they are attached to me but I will not. It is because I am free from suffering as my state (moksha) has liberated me from it. I do not wish anyone or anything ill and so this forest shall not harm me. I am pleased wherever I am.
Religious A (Hindu): Wherever you are is not actually where you are. You see my friend, what you thought as you is not actually you because what you think you are that is trapped in this forest is just the body that houses the atman, which is your soul or the real you. The real you actually cannot perish and it does not matter where you are whether you are pleased or not because the real you cannot be harmed.
Religious B (Jain): That is very consoling to hear my friend. But you sound so confident with your words and demeanor as if they are the eternal truth.
Religious A (Hindu): I am confident because my atman will unite with its natural universe which is the Brahman. Brahman my friend could be this forest because it is all that permeates all things where it held all being and existence. Right now, in this forest with all its peace and tranquility, the atman becoming the Brahman is beginning to become more apparent to me.
Religious B (Jain): That is so wonderful of you my friend. But your conviction and confidence may lead you to suffering because it entertains and contains the mana or ego that leads you to perish and suffer.
Religious A (Hindu): No my friend, I don’t perish. I will just be reborn again to improve my karma so I am not worried about any harm. Sometimes death, or perishing as you call it is necessary to complete the cycle of birth and death. This is to allow me to improve my karma through their lifetime of action until I achieved enlightenment and vijnana.
Religious B (Jain): Looks like we share the same sentiment my friend. I too strive to achieve nirvana and be released by the karmic bondage. Hey look! The town is already ahead. It looks like it is not our day after all to begin the cycle of birth.
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