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WORLDVIEWS - Coursework Example

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Informed by the Muslim religion, Islam has evolved over the years to integrate social changes among the people who lead this way of life (Quṭb & Rami, 2006). Building…
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Extract of sample "WORLDVIEWS"

Worldviews Affiliation: Perceptions on Islam vary across the globe depending on cultural and social beliefs regarding this worldview. Informed by the Muslim religion, Islam has evolved over the years to integrate social changes among the people who lead this way of life (Quṭb & Rami, 2006). Building relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims in the context of Islamic way of life is often characterized by numerous challenges. These challenges result from the fact that Islam distinctly differs from other forms of worldviews. Building a relationship with a follower of this worldview calls for understanding the Islamic way of life. A co-worker or a neighbor who follows the Islamic way of life should be understood in terms of what he/she stands for, and also be ready to embrace the differences between him/her and the other party.
Presenting the Christian gospel to an Islamic person would be faced by religious differences. Islamic and Christian beliefs are significantly different. Countering one’s Islamic beliefs must be accompanied by outstanding evidence of the arguments being made. On the same note, faith in involved in the process. Faith and religious superiority would pose substantial barriers to presenting gospel to an Islamic person (Quṭb & Rami, 2006).
Personally, I uphold respect for other religions and the different forms of worldviews. In this respect, presenting the gospel must account for Islamic views and the Muslim beliefs. The idea is to present the gospel without tarnishing one religion over the other. Personally, balancing these two aspects poses substantial challenges to presenting the gospel to a person from Islamic worldview. The parties involved would have to be considered, and the efforts in presenting the gospel would not have to present Muslim religion or Islamic practices as inferior to Christianity.
Quṭb, S. & Rami, D. (2006). Basic Principles of the Islamic Worldview. New York: Islamic Publications International. Read More
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WORLDVIEWS Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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