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Is God alive or dead - Essay Example

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I believe in the religion view of life. This suggests and articulates that there is a superior-being known as God who created the universe. Darwin perception of origin is widely known. However, there are renowned philosophers who disagree with Darwin. An account of how I will interpret the readings…
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Is God alive or dead
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Extract of sample "Is God alive or dead"

The first draft I believe in the religion view of life. This suggests and articulates that there is a superior-being known as God who created the universe.
Darwin perception of origin is widely known. However, there are renowned philosophers who disagree with Darwin.
Main points of the essay shall include:
The background of the scientists involved in the research.
The source of the philosophers’ views and arguments. Moreover, it shall be necessary to check how they came up with those philosophies.
The real argument of each scientist compared to other contrasting opinions.
The relevance and importance of the readings in this study.
An account of how I will interpret the readings.
Introduction to the topic shall be followed by the main points of the philosopher. Then interpretation shall follow, which shall involve a critical analysis of each reading. Check the example below.
An example:
Stephen Jay Gould was an American historian of science and a biologist who specialized in evolution. He lived between September 10, 1941 and May 20, 2002. He graduated with a degree in geology from Antioch College. He spent most of his career teaching geology and zoology at Harvard University and was one of the influential writers of popular science.
Gould argued that evolution and religion are different from each other. That did not mean that they are mutually exclusive. He argued that Darwin was profoundly influenced by a desire to challenge the western culture and attitudes when coming up with his theory of evolution. This is clearly seen when he argued that evolution has no purpose and that it does not lead to higher things, a view that was immensely popular in the west.
Darwin on the other hand argued that natural selection is the driving force of evolution. He argued that the organisms with the best adaptation survive. According to Darwin, evolution has no purpose. This assertion challenged the western attitudes and beliefs. He also argued that, organism does not develop into higher organisms but they just become better adapted. The other point he argued was that matter is the basis of all existence. That implied that mind, soul and God were just mere words to explain the results of the evolution process.
According to Darwin, organisms have undeniable variations, which are inherent. Secondly, organisms give rise to more organisms than can most probably survive. The third point he argued was that, the organisms with the best adaptations survive and increase in number through natural selection. However, for this to be true, the variations must be random. This is because they don’t have a predictable pattern of occurrence.
According to Friedrich Nietzsche, a German poet, cultural critic and philosopher who lived between October 15, 1844 and august 25, 1900, God is dead. He came up with this maxim, arguing that Christianity was demeaning and that there was only one Christian, and died on the cross. He then argued that for a human being to be liberated after the death of God must take a revaluation of the entire value system. He argued that human beings must be seen in view of their animal nature. Therefore, there is no way or bench mark to measure the human behavior. Read More
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