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The religion is said to be the youngest religion, founded more than 500 years ago by Guru Nanak Dev Ji as a response to a spiritual revelation (Singh Anand…
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In the attachment
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Download file to see previous pages Its presence provides sanctity to the Gudwara, which is the place of worship of Sikh followers (2).
Sikhism believes in concepts such as the universal acceptance of all humanity, belief in one God, the name of God is Truth (Sat Num), the equality of all persons irrespective of their caste, color, gender, nationality, and religion, and equality in sexes is emphasized (2). In addition, the ten Gurus of the religion are considered one with the Divine being, wherein each had divine attributes (Singh Chanal 11). Moreover, the Sikh philosophy is grounded in the spirit of freedom, which influenced its notion of social justice and freedom. Sikhism cherishes freedom not only for themselves but for others as well (Singh 1).
The understanding of this religious tradition provides a more logical approach in a religious belief, since the teachings of Sikhism emphasizes that the True God encompasses all the names that are attributed to it by other religions and that there is only one God worshipped by any other religion. Sikhism also values equality of every individual and its aim for freedom for everyone is also a very noble act.
Religion in many centuries has always been an integral dimension in many armed conflicts, due to the inherent differences in the religious beliefs and practices of different religions. The diversity of these traditions had been a constant hurdle in undergoing conflict resolutions (Hapviken 352). Thus, religion can have both positive and negative impacts on the efforts of peacemaking. Multidimensional approach is also fundamental in order to address the conflicts between different beliefs and inter-religious dialogue is the key part of this (Brajovic 186).
Religious traditions imply its negative potential on the aspect wherein a member of one religion has a tendency to uphold strong religious ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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