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Analysis paper on christianity and buddism - Essay Example

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Buddhism predates Christianity and originated in India while Christianity spawned approximately two thousand years ago. Both Christianity and Buddhism are religions…
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Analysis paper on christianity and buddism
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Christianity and Buddhism share some fundamental beliefs as both nucleus expound upon peace, love and wisdom. Buddhism pre s Christianity and originated in India while Christianity spawned approximately two thousand years ago. Both Christianity and Buddhism are religions that have millions of followers each seeking the path to enlightment.
Christianity believers accept the teaching that the Jesus was born to Mary who was a virgin. Her pregnancy was through immaculate conception with God being the father. This dogma suggests that Jesus was the great Messiah sent to die for their sins.
Jesus was a well taught religious teacher who preached peace, love and belief in the almighty God. It is stated in the Bible that he learned in the Synagogues at an early age conversing with the elders as early as of age of 12. Then the Bible makes no account for Jesus life and picks back up with Jesus being baptized in the Jordan river by his cousin John the Baptist around the age of twenty.
Jesus traveled teaching to the poor in surrounding cities reinforcing John the Baptist message of repentance. Like Buddhism, Jesus had a version of karma, which can be defined by Jesus’ message as you reap what you sow. After approximately 8 years of healing, preaching and teaching, Jesus was crucified and then days later resurrected only to disappear.
Buddhism have several similar beliefs as Christianity. Buddhist attempt to live a tranquil life by eliminating internal practices that would lead to suffering, such as jealousy, anger and ignorance. Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, was a prince who knew not poverty nor suffering. Around the age of twenty, Siddhartha left the comforts of the palace to seek the reason for suffering. After approximately 6 years of wandering and exercising yogic practices, he sat under a bodhi tree to practice deep meditation and became Buddha, the enlightened one. Buddhist believe that overcoming a negative and confused state of mind will help end all suffering and attain enlightment and peace.
Another teaching that aligns with Christianity is Buddhism belief in meditation. Buddhist believe in learning how to develop peaceful and tranquil virtuous mindsets by sitting quietly for periods of times. This can be likened to Christianity as Jesus was infamous for going into deep prayer, The Bible states that Jesus once prayed for forty days and forty nights.
One popular aspect of Buddhism is karma. Karma suggest that every action has a consequence and those consequences would have to be atoned for in either this life or the next. Unlike Christianity, Buddhism teaches reincarnation, which suggests the spirit of the person would return in another form, as human or other living species, until perfection was attained. Unlike Jesus, Buddha lived to reach a seniors age dieing around the age of 80.
Buddhism and Christianity share many similar beliefs. The teaching of love, peace and wisdom are a few. Both Christianity and Buddha are religions that each have millions of followers and believers in their dogmas. Read More
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