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The Issue of Religion in the Movie Passion of the Christ - Essay Example

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The essay "The Issue of Religion in the Movie Passion of the Christ" begins with the statement that the movie “The Passion of the Christ” was very controversial.  As with many things regarding religion, it stirs up many emotions, debates, and even worse conflicts like arguments, riots, and hatred…
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The Issue of Religion in the Movie Passion of the Christ
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Religion in the Movie Passion of the Christ"

Reaction to the Movie “Passion of the Christ”          The movie “The Passion of the Christ” was, to say the least, very controversial.  As with many things regarding religion, it stirs up many emotions, debates, and even worse conflicts like arguments, riots, and hatred.  It also stirs up love, happiness, and empathy.  As with religious and spiritual matters, it is never easy, never logical, and never easily understood.  It is with faith to believe or not to believe, to be touched or not to be touched, to shun or to accept.           Although many objected to its airing, it could not be stopped as Oscar-winning Mel Gibson, one of the most highly respected actors and directors, invested over a decade of his time and $25 million of his own money to produce the closest depiction of Christ’s last hours on earth. (The Making of The Passion of the Christ, 2003).  As a believer in Jesus Christ and the Bible, I fully understand the miracle of how this movie beat all odds and logic to be aired in such a controversial world that is against anything that is Christian and Godly.  Its production, its airing, it's the rating, everything surpassed logic.  To me, it was God-ordained and inspired as only a very famous and well-liked celebrity such as Gibson, one with so much influence, could be chosen (by God) to get the job done.  If I were an “ordinary” person, it would probably not have passed all objections.  Not only this, but Gibson funded it with his own money so it did not need the approval and funds of anyone else.  A movie with this much violence with an R-rating would normally cause parents to not allow their children to view and a movie about religion, a specific religion (Christianity), no less, would definitely not bring in the masses.  However, the violence was necessary to give the audience the closest feel possible of what actually happened and people who normally would not view such violence felt the need to sense if only via the silver screen, a fraction of what Jesus went through for all mankind in order to unite us back to the Holy God.  As we are so sinful, a living sacrifice was the only thing that could tie us to such a Holy God and only God could do this by becoming a human, in order to show us that He, too, suffered the same things we do here on earth.  As a living example, the movie portrayed what God as the man Jesus Christ had to go through in His last twelve hours.  Finally, a movie this “religious” and “spiritual” normally would not attract viewers from all walks of life especially the cynics and those who did not believe.  Not only did it accomplish such a feat but it produced sales beyond the imagination.           As a believer, I see all this as an act of God.  Only can a miracle like this be inspired by God.  However, I can see how those who do not believe still will not understand the message of the movie.  I realize many started to really think about their beliefs and ask questions and many even were saved because of the movie.   Yet those who do not believe or fully understand Christianity, the Bible, and the story behind Jesus Christ may have walked away without a single question, a change of mind, and may even have more doubts as the movie did not address the questions of why we need a perfect God and who is this Jesus and what was the point of His death.  To them, in my opinion, it still does not address the topics of Christianity (God, Jesus, the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, the Gospel, the Trinity, etc.), whether or not there is a God and if there is one true God, etc.  The movie misses out on this beginning and just goes straight into the last twelve hours of His life.  The violence and the powerful performance left most on the edge of their seats with fingernails digging into the backs of the chairs in front of them for its dramatic portrayal.  However, if one does not believe, or has questions, it only portrays a very graphic, violent scene of a man being scoffed, beaten and dying on a cross.             In conclusion, I believe that the viewers/audience got out of the movie what they brought into the movie with them.  I they was already believers, it confirmed their faith even more.  If they were on the verge of believing, it may have urged them to fully believe.  If they did not believe or had too many questions, then I feel that it could have left them in the same mindset, confirmed even more what they felt, or shunned them away even further away.  Hence, this defeated the point and mission of the film.  I feel that there should have been more focus on the need for the one true God, for Jesus’ life and death on earth, and an introduction to the last twelve hours.        References   The Making of “The Passion of the Christ” (2003).  The Passion of the Christ:  Perhaps the Best Outreach Opportunity in 2000 Years.  Icon Distribution Inc.  24 April 2006 < >. Read More
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(The Issue of Religion in the Movie Passion of the Christ Essay, n.d.)
The Issue of Religion in the Movie Passion of the Christ Essay.
(The Issue of Religion in the Movie Passion of the Christ Essay)
The Issue of Religion in the Movie Passion of the Christ Essay.
“The Issue of Religion in the Movie Passion of the Christ Essay”.
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