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Comparing paper - Essay Example

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Comparison On Sikhism, Judaism & Christianity Webster defines religion ‘as an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies and rules used to worship a god of group of gods.’ There are numerous religions and spiritual traditions in the world and many of these religions have both commonalities as well as differences…
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Comparing paper
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Download file to see previous pages As per Sikhism, there is one God and they believe in the teachings of Sikh Gurus. God is linked or merged with the Gurus and Gurus represent ‘The Creator’ and Sikhs emphasize the need to keep harmonious balance between temporal and spiritual obligations. Furthermore, in sync with the beliefs of Sikhism, Judaism and Christianity also believe in one God and that God is eternal and immutable. It is said that Judaism calls for highest sense of self-discipline and it is considered to be one of the strict religion. As per Christianity God is supreme, powerful and besides being the creator of all things. Christians believe that it is possible to reach God only through Jesus, who is His only Son. As far as human life is concerned, Sikhs consider human life as precious because the soul has to goes through several births and deaths before it is blessed with human form. In tune with this belief, in Judaism everything is connected to God as God created the world and controls the all activities in the universe. As per Judaism, God has no physical form and he is not male nor female. The substance of Jewish faith is in Rambam’s principles of faith which makes defense about the existence of God. For Christians, God is the preserver of the world and it is God that created life and made humankind in His image. While Sikhs believe that human beings face problems because of their wrongdoings, they consider remembering God’s name as the prime solution. Judaism believes that every good and bad actions will be treated suitably. Like Christianity, Judaism also believes in confession of past sins and seeking atonement. The Father in Church listens for the sins committed by the people and he prays to God and Jesus to condone their sins. In Christianity it is believed that sin and evil arrived in the world through Adam and Eve. It is because of the negativities that man has become an evil force but it is God that makes final judgment on the man. Judaism and Sikhism profess that every person can approach God individually but in Christianity a mediator is necessary between God and man. Gurudwara is the place of worship for Sikhs, Jews offer prayers and worship in Synagogues and Christians worship in Churches. Sikhs do not believe in icons based prayers hence there are no icons visible in the Gurudwara, Sikhs consider their Holy Book of Guru Grantha Saheb Ji as their ultimate teacher. The Holy book contains a collection of teachings and writings by Guru Nanak and other Gurus, it is hailed by Sikhs as the living word of God. The Holy Book has ample references about Hindu and Muslim Saints. Sikhs place their Holy book on a raised platform decorated with flowers. Like Gurudwaras, there are no icons in Synagogues, but in Church we normally get to see the statue of Jesus Christ and sometimes there are drawings on the wall of the Church those depict angels. Judaism has numerous religious texts but the most important of all is Torah. God gave written and oral Torah to Moses and it contains 613 commandments of God. There would be not going to be another Torah. Similarly Christians also have a Holy Book called Bible. The foundation of the beliefs in Christianity are based on the teaching from the Bible. Besides the Holy book, Christians believe in Trinity, the Father and Son. In Judaism there are many sects, their daily prayers are a part of their life, these prayers are said in the morning and at the bedtime. Sikhs and Christians visit Gurudwaras once a ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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