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Vedic Sacrifice and the Ritual Practices - Essay Example

Moreover, Vedic worshipers perform the ritual practices by offering sacrifices to their gods for materialistic and agricultural aspiration such as gaining fortune, sustaining healthy conditions, enjoying longevity, having male descendants, raising large number of cattle, flourish agriculture, and many other benefits and profits. Throughout the ritual ceremonies, the worshipers ignite consecrate fire with ghee and grains and it is important that the fire symbolizes the messenger between the worshipers and their gods. Thus, in Vedic religion, sacrifice and ritual practices by worshipers are valued and essential to demonstrate their devotion to gods. In Vedic religion, there are four priests and a sacrificer that are Hotar, Udgatar, Adhvaryu, Brahman, and Yajamana. Each of the priests is associated with different rituals and functions. According to the article by Jamison and Witzel, there were three priests who were tasked with three types of sacral utterances. These three were the priest of the Rg Veda, the Sema Veda, and the Yajur Veda. Once they undertook this sacral utterance together, a verbal sector of Vedic ritual is said to have been performed. This ritual was always made up of “the loud recitation of verses of the Rg Veda....
The Udgatar chants the hymns for the Hotar. The Adhvaryu is responsible for actual and physical elements of the sacrifice such as measuring ground, building a table, preparing the sacrificial container, making wood and water, igniting the fire, and bringing

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the animals. In addition, Brahman manages the entire operation of ritual ceremony in silence and he involves authorizing for any omission that occurs during the performance. In Vedic religious context, there are several dimensions from which Yajamana is seen by the religious followers. Some of these include the embodiment of Yajamana as a worshipper, another is Yajamana as a sacrificial lamb, and another is Yajamana as the sacrificer. In all, an important context that prevails is that Yajamana has a central role in sacrificing, of which some modern reviewers have associated as merely being the sponsor of the sacrifice (Watkins, 1979). With this argument, other parts of earlier description are covered because the one sponsoring could either be a worsshipper or the sacrificer. Offerings Offerings are generally seen as a presentation from a worshipper to his god. The use of vegetables in offerings comes under fire offering, which is a type of offering meant to be offered to the Lord (Jamison and Witzel). With such offering to the Lord, the specification is that the material for offering must be a leaf, which also consists of nourishments (annahoma). Vegetables are therefore used because most of these are leafy and with fine nourishment. Bali is the term that has been used for animal sacrifices. These forms of sacrifices are performed not as offerings to the Lord but as sacrificial victim purposes (Jamison and Witzel). In other words, the blood of the
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Historically, Vedic religion refers to the ancient religion that Indo/European people served especially in India. According to the evident written documents, the approximate period of Vedic religion is 1500 BC to 500 BC…
Vedic Sacrifice and the Ritual Practices
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