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Religion In Yoruba- Orisha Oshun - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Yoruba is one of the four official languages which are spoken in Nigeria. Yoruba is also a member of Volta-Niger branch of Niger Congo family of languages. About 22 million people spoke this language in southwest Nigeria, Togo, Brazil and the USA…
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Religion In Yoruba- Orisha Oshun
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Extract of sample "Religion In Yoruba- Orisha Oshun"

Download file to see previous pages She loves to have the finest thing in life and sometimes she is never satisfied. In Yoruba religion, Oshun is an Orisha who represents love, beauty, closeness, wealth and diplomacy. It is in the group of the Head’s Oshas. She is a very beautiful woman, cheering and smiling always. Sometimes she is very sad and suffered. She symbolizes the ruthless punishment and also represents the religious rigor. She is the only one who is capable to appear before Olofin to request for the human beings. She is also known for healing the sick and bringing fruitful and she specially watches the poor and brings all those things which they need badly. Oshun is the Orisha of the fresh water. He was the only one who requested the intervention of women in the Orisha meetings. Oshin is the owner of sweet river waters. She shared a very close connection with Ochanala and she was also very close to Olofi (Engler 2012, p.14) Beliefs and Practices in Yoruba religion There are several components in the beliefs and practices of Yoruba religion which have colossal magnitude and virtue in the sight of its followers. They believe that there is one God who created and controls the whole universe. There are some forces of nature that deals with the affairs of men on earth and which govern the universe in general as well. They believe in prediction. They also believe in the magical and mechanical use of the herbs. (Engler 2012, p.15) Yoruba now have developed strong beliefs. It beliefs that all human beings hold what is known as “Ayanmo” and it is expected that they will become quickly adopt the will with “Olodumare”. Furthermore the actions and thoughts of every person interrelate with other lively organs which include the earth itself. Every one tries to rise above and find them self in “Orun-Rere”. Those ones who do not continue to grow morally, they find them selves in “Orun-Apadi” (Engler 2012, p.17). Life and death are considered as survival of the human being and spirit changes towards transcendence. This type of change is mostly found among the Orichas. Those who are well balanced, they can use the simplest form of the connection between their “Oris” in a very positive way. In the prayers “Ori Orun” has ben known as to produce an immediate sensation of happiness (Engler 2012, p.19). One of the Yoruba accounts of creation says that during a certain stage of this procedure, the truth confirmed the fit for human habitation of newly planets. Oshun the Goddess lady The Yoruba goddess is very well known as Yeye. She rules the river which sustains life. Her speciality was that she has the aspects love, prettiness and the talent. Oshun realm also contains priestesses’ dance of the streams and she rules in the waterfalls in which her voice carries with the water’s sound. Due to her attributes in which she cares the sick, look after the needy and answering the needy who cry. Her devotees loved Oshun very well all around the world. As being a love goddess, Oshan is described as a good-looking, delightful and young woman. She is a goddess with great pride and her beautiful pottery in which water is filled with fragrance or river stones. Millions of empowered with her unique beauty, love and courage. One will be energize and renew with the spirit of her dance and courageous unselfish heart. Oshun is completely force of harmony. We see harmony as we feel a love of beauty and delight. The spirit of her dance and courageous unselfish heart uplifts anyone just like the fresh water. (Murrell 2009, p.6) Engler (2012, p.22) illustrates that in Nigeria Oshun is forever honered ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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