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ISLAM (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Abstract Islam constitutes part of the religious doctrines that are associated with certain segments of the world’s humanity. It is one of the religions that have firmly been rooted among the nations of the Earth owing to its strong historical heritage…
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To this end, an adherent to the precincts of Islam is referred to as a Muslim. The adherents of Islam believe that it is the sole and authentic religion in the face of the Earth. Moreover, the Islamic faith believes that Muhammad was the true messenger of Allah and the teachings of Quran were revealed to him. At this juncture, a historical foray on the origin of Islam is pertinent before delving on its six pillars of belief. Historical Context of Islam The first worship of Allah as the sole god is credited to Adam (Tamara, 2010). Consequently, he adhered to Allah’s commandments through worship. However, as the population grew, and people dispersed to other corners of the Earth, people digressed from the worship of Allah. To this end, worship was directed to false gods that represented forces of nature or spirits. As a result, Allah sought to return the populace back to worshipping him alone by sending his messengers. These messengers were responsible of warning humanity of the dire consequences that would result if they failed to worship Allah as the only true God. Evidently, Noah was the first messenger sent to spread the word of Islam and bring humanity back to Allah (Tamara, 2010). A portion of the populace heeded to Noah’s teaching and returned back to Islam. ...
Consequently, Abraham was sent to the Kingdom of Babylon where people rejected his message and sought to end his life. Moreover, Abraham was subjected to many trials but he overcame them all. To this end, Allah blessed him as the heir to a prominent nation from which great prophets would arise (Tamara, 2010). Incidentally, the great prophets from Abraham’s descent were called by Allah to spread his message. These included Ishmael, Isaac, Joseph, Jacob, Solomon, David, Moses and even Jesus. Evidently, the final messenger of Allah was Muhammad. Muhammad was a descendant from Ishmael’s lineage who was the son of Abraham (Tamara, 2010) . Moreover, Muhammad is believed to have succeeded the prophet Jesus and preached the same message as his predecessors. Consequently, Prophet Muhammad did not represent the beginning of a new religion but he embodied the last prophet of Islam and Allah. To this end, the Muslim faithful believe that Allah revealed his ubiquitous and eternal message for all humanity to Muhammad. Thus, Allah had fulfilled his binding covenant with Abraham. Belief Pillars of Islam In the practice of Islam, a Muslim is expected to adhere to six fundamental principles that are firmly rooted to one’s conviction. The first aspect relates to a belief in God (IslamReligion.com, 2010). In effect, Islam espouses Allah as the giver and taker of life, as well as the one who provides for his creations. Moreover, he is the only creator of life, the ruler and Savior of the world. Moreover, Allah has no equal either in qualities and abilities. Furthermore, as the only, true god, all veneration and worship should be devoted to him and no one else. The second precinct relates to the belief in Read More
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(Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words. https://studentshare.org/religion-and-theology/1461234-islam.
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As such, all the people in the religion have to clean their hearts of any impurity and filth that jeopardizes their way of life (Kheirabadi, 2009). As such, people that have purified hearts will have spiritual progress, which gives them an advantage of coming close to Allah.
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It is essential to recognize that Islam amounts to of the second largest population in the contemporary world subsequent only to Christianity. “Islam…is a complex cultural synthesis, centered in a distinctive religious faith, and necessarily set in the framework of a continuing political framework… Elements derived from Judaism and Hellenism are common to both the Islamic and Christian syntheses… Like Christianity, Islam is a monotheism with an historical founder and a sacred book…” (Holt, xii) Significantly, the origin and development of Islam, like that of Christianity, has been a legitimate concern of historians, along with the question how Islam is connected to Judaism and Ch
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