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A Matter of Faith: Is Mormonism Christian - Term Paper Example

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A paper "A Matter of Faith: Is Mormonism Christian?" discusses that wars have been fought in the name of religions. Of all the different religions, Christianity seems to have the largest number of different denominations; Catholics, Baptists, Protestants, and Episcopalians are just a few…
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A Matter of Faith: Is Mormonism Christian
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Download file to see previous pages Then there is Mormonism, probably the youngest Christian inspired faiths and often criticized for its practices. There has been a standing argument whether Mormonism is, in fact, a member of the Christian faith or is it its own religion that borrowed Christian doctrines? Many Christians believe that Mormons are not Christian at all, while Mormons defend their faith as absolutely a part of Christianity. That said, the argument is a good one from both sides of the issue. However, answering the question of whether Mormonism is Christian is, like any religious issue, a matter of interpretation.To better understand where the divisions that have caused the great debate between the faiths is to, first, review the basis of Mormon beliefs and origins. A young Joseph Smith was seeking help through prayer in deciding what church he should place his faith. Instead, he was visited by God himself and his son, in the flesh. It was through these exchanges that he was given the knowledge to begin a new faith, a new Christian church that he would lead. The Book of Mormon would become known as “another testament of Jesus Christ” and is joined by two other important documents, The Pearl of Great Price and the Articles of Faith. With these, the basic theology of the Mormon faith is outlined. The new ideology mixed the popular spiritual concepts of the time, Protestant, Gnostic, Transcendental, and Masonic elements with the mystical golden tablets, a mysterious language, and a new understanding of Christianity. ...
It offered things that some believers could not previously find answers for, new revelations, denial of original sin, and the potential for man to obtain perfection, become more God-like.(Neuhaus, 2000) Those who embraced Mormonism began to live their lives according to these requirements of what it means to be a good Christian. Many traditional Christians claim that just because one quotes the same scriptures and relies on the same biblically significant figures does not automatically deign them as Christians. They feel the Mormon interpretations of what is standard, absolute, and non-debatable elements of all Christian denominations makes them anything but Christians. It is true, that there are some very distinct points in the foundations of the Christian tenants and Mormon doctrines that do not agree on some very vital elements. The first point of contention is on the issue of salvation. In traditional Christian philosophy salvation is a gift granted by Gods grace and cannot be earned, while in Mormonism there is a varying degree of sin and requisite penalty. Mormons believe that, essentially, Gods grace will save you from the “fall,” but individual sins committed in life require individual salvation.(Slick, 2012) The bible does state clearly that, “Salvation is not by works.”(Romans 4:5) However, the Mormon Articles of Faith express the opposite to be true. It speaks of having balanced penalties dependent on what the type of sin committed was. Now this single disagreement between the two faiths is hardly proof that Mormons are not Christians, but the variation is enough to precedent continuing debate. The next very important difference between Christianity and Mormonism is based on the number of documents and doctrines, other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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