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The Gospel Unhindered - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Module Date The Gospel Unhindered The first century Jews widely rejected Christianity owing to the fact that it did not expand within the Jewish national community. The impact was that the Jews were rebellious with regard to the propagation of Christianity…
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The Gospel Unhindered
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Extract of sample "The Gospel Unhindered"

Download file to see previous pages However, despite rebellion from the Jews, the gospel continues to be propagated throughout the world. This brings forth the very last word of Luke’s account of Acts, akolutos, which when translated means unhindered (Frank 460). Definition and Translation of Unhindered. The last word of the extant text of Luke’s Acts is akolutos which when translated means unhindered (Frank 460). This underlines the essence of Luke’s writing as evidenced in the word hinder as used on a various occasions. Philip found nothing to hinder the Ethiopian eunuch from being baptized (Acts 8:36). Moreover, in his defense for mingling with uncircumcised men, Peter stated that he would not hinder God (Acts 11:17). Therefore, the usage of the word hinder by Luke outlined the unhindered nature of the gospel. Timeless Application. Luke wrote the book of Acts at a time when the gospel was predominately acceptable among the gentiles. However, the Jews remained adamant to the gospel. It is necessary to note their adamancy did not hinder the gospel from being propagated to other communities. Consequently, even acts of violence from the Jewish community such as the stoning of Stephen and the expulsion of Paul from synagogues did not prevent the gospel from being propagated. As a result, the power of the gospel remains unhindered today, just as it was during the early church period. Breaking through Barriers PERSECUTION Early Church. The early church underwent immense persecution. In the inception of the propagation of the gospel, Peter and John were arrested and threatened (Bock 436). Moreover, the apostles were also imprisoned by the Sadducees (Acts 5:18). This was as a result of the Sadducees’ jealousy towards their flourishing ministry. Later on, Stephen became the first martyr of the early church as he was murdered for defending the gospel. Stephen’s death resulted in the scattering of the early church as the disciples fled from Saul to the Diaspora. However, Saul was eventually converted into a preacher of the gospel. Nevertheless, just like the other Christians, he also underwent numerous persecutions in the ministry (Paul 323). Present Day. The church still undergoes persecution even in the modern day as evidenced in the prohibition of Christianity in various countries (Soci?as 133). For instance, in North Korea, practicing and propagation of Christianity could be tantamount to gross persecution from the authorities. Persecution occurs in the form of violence, imprisonment and in extreme cases, death. Therefore, persecution of the church still occurs even in the modern day. However, it is highly prevalent among the Muslim, Asian, Chinese, Korean and Indian communities. As a result, Christians from these countries have been forced to flee to other Christian-friendly countries. Therefore, despite being in a modern world of civilization and freedom of religion, the church still receives immense persecution from the anti-Christian communities. ETHNIC AND CULTURAL PREJUDICE Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. The Spirit of the Lord leads Philip to an esteemed person in the Ethiopian government. The eunuch was in charge of treasury in the land of Egypt (Acts 8:26). Nevertheless, he was not an Israelite. Thus, according to the Jewish culture, he did not qualify to be part of the Jewish family. This is because he was unclean and uncircumcised. However, despite his inadequacies, Philip reaches out to the eunuch and preaches to him. This is further evidenced when they come across a river and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Gospel Unhindered Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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