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The Homeric Hymns - Essay Example

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The Homeric Hymns Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 1st March, 2012 Topic 1 Today’s society is dynamic and full of versatile people from different religions, races and social classes. The Homeric Hymns are closely related to the life that we live in today in the American society…
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The Homeric Hymns
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Download file to see previous pages It is understood that children born out of wedlock tend to have difficulty in committing to a married life. Dionysos name means he was born twice and this signifies that children born without parents tend to end up not getting married. The other narratives of Hymns to Apollo show that Women especially mothers have control over their sons. It is a known fact that sons and their mothers do have a maternal connection that is strong and cannot be easily separated (Rayor 28). The connection between Apollo and life in the current society is that men have a weakness towards pleasing women. The other lesson we learn from the Greek mythology through the Homeric Hymns is that of sibling rivalry. Apollo and Hermes were brothers who competed against each other and their problems were solved by the gods. Their rivalry connects to the current society whereby people close to us and whom we trust often end up betraying us. For instance, politicians are famous for praises but they end up betraying a lot of people (Athanassakis 64). We also learn that gods are often happy when praises are extended towards them on different occasions. The most important lesson and connection is learnt through the Hymns to Demeter. These hymns bring out the connection of life and death whereby when a person dies his soul continues in immortality. The disappearance and emergence of Persephone from time to time shows the dynamism in today’s life in the society. Moreover, it shows the connection between life and death in that when people die their soul continues to live in immortality. Topic 2 Spiritual transformation is a practice that was mostly undertaken by different individuals at different times. Due to this people had to practice some spiritual practices to change the world. The main practice of spiritual transformation is the act of changing the way people work during different times. Spiritual transformation as explained by Carl Jung looks into the spiritual changes that a person undergoes as a result of an external event occurring that affects an individual religious beliefs. The major transformation that occurred to Demeter was when her child was kidnapped by Hades. This event led to Demeter changing her behaviour leading to the death of many people. When Demeter daughter was captured and raped by Aidoneus, she became very furious (Rayor 90). Although, she did not hear the screams of her daughter but only the echo of her during her capture, this caused a lot of worries to her. Since Demeter was the god of agriculture her faith and trust in the other gods waned. As a result, she decided to punish the people by sending a winter that caused a lot of destruction towards humankind. Demeter felt betrayed by Zeus since the god did not reveal that he was aware of her daughter’s abduction. Zeus had the knowledge of Persephone whereabouts but he did not reveal this to Demeter and hence she visited the earth and she refused to return to Olympus (Athanassakis 32). Demeter visited the earth to look for her daughter and this event transformed her behaviour. Demeter’s transformation was brought about by her daughter’s disappearance and re-appearance. Demeter descended upon the earth as a result of hearing about her daughter’s disappearance into the earth. Her transformation saw people worship her on earth so as to please her and spare her wrath from the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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