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Wars and Religion - Research Paper Example

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Not everyone believes in the same deity, in fact not all religions and beliefs have only one deity. Some have many gods, like Hinduism or Ancient Greek and Roman beliefs. Other beliefs do not have deities but instead, are about worshiping ancestors or objects…
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Wars and Religion
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Wars and Religion

Download file to see previous pages... We have also used religion to explain certain things in the past that we as a people could not explain, understand or accept, such as the ancient Greeks using their gods to explain how the sun rises and sets, or how Zeus used lightning. Not everyone believes in the same deity, in fact not all religions and beliefs have only one deity. Some have many gods, like Hinduism or Ancient Greek and Roman beliefs. Other beliefs do not have deities but instead, are about worshiping ancestors or objects. And for some reason, weather it is because of a lack of understanding, conflict of belief, and other factors, wars have been fought over religion. Religious wars have been part of man’s history almost as long as religion its self, and our history books are filled with conflicts, persecutions, wars that have been waged in the name of religion. This paper’s purpose is to take a look at some of these religious struggles and discuss happened in the events and provide some feedback about them. This paper will focus on certain wars and struggles throughout history that have had significant effects on our civilization as a whole. There will be some key points about these conflicts that will be stressed in this paper namely; how the conflict began, who were included in the conflict, some main points about the conflict such as political effects and justifications, and finally, how it ended. This paper will focus mainly on known and historical wars and conflicts and break them down with the key points mentioned above. It will attempt to make brief, concise and objective comments and analysis of these wars. The wars and conflicts that will be discussed and analyzed in this paper are as follows: • The persecution of Christians in the Ancient Roman empire • The crusades • The Islam – Hindu conflict in India • The Jewish state of Israel and its conflicts • The attacks of September 11 on the United states • Conclusion The persecution of Christians in the Ancient Roman Empire. For those who are not very familiar with history, it may be hard to understand that there was a persecution of Christians in Rome, since we now know of the religion known as “Roman Catholic” but despite the confusion, there was a mass persecution of Christians in ancient Rome. Before Rome became a Christian symbol, it first was a place of pagan religion. An article by mariamilani.com provides us with a bit if insight as to what happened during this time. The growth of the Christian church during this time meant that the Christians were also Roman citizens and because of the speed at which they multiplied, they were, as the article says “more than a religion amongst many but rather like a state within a state”. Now at first, the people of Ancient Rome were liberal and fine about the idea of worshiping different deities depending on their needs, and Rome its self was alright with its citizens worshiping whichever deity they please as long as they do not go against the state. As for the treatment of Christians, it was not at all that bad at first. Some places were very neutral of Christians while other places even celebrated it. The problem came when the emperors of Rome began to follow a more oriental style of rule being that they were to be considered living gods that ruled over Ancient Rome and in order to pay respect to the state, a citizen would have to worship the Roman emperor. This now, was very much against the Christian belief since they have a monotheistic belief. Added to this is that fact that, according to the article, “they were following a law which had a point of reference which was not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Does Religion Cause War
The involvement of religion in causing wars is a highly debated topic now. Some people argue that the major reasons behind some of the ongoing conflicts in this world are purely cultural rather than political or economic. They cite Afghan war, Iraq war, conflicts in the Middle East, Kashmir issue etc for substantiating their views and opinion.
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Religion as the Source of Inspiration
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Religion in the Middle East
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Can Religion Heal Racism
Religion has been responsible for many things throughout history, both good and bad. It is most likely that religion can help heal racism to some degree, but it can also harm racism in other cases or situations. Therefore, it is difficult to pick a position for this paper.
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Does religion cause war
However, because of differences with each form of religion, there would always be a cause of argument. These arguments would create the major conflicts and revolutions between people having these different point and views in their own religion. The world history would
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Religion and Politics
In such a case, the two work hand in hand complementing each other. Religion plays a paramount part in determining how a country is governed. In the Middle East,
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