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Jesus as the Founder of Christianity - Essay Example

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Jesus was the founder of Christianity Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Jesus was the founder of Christianity 1.0 Introduction Over the years, there have been numerous controversies on the founder of Christianity. Some people claim that Paul is the founder of Christianity by virtue of his credit to starting the church…
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Jesus as the Founder of Christianity
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Extract of sample "Jesus as the Founder of Christianity"

Download file to see previous pages In their work, there is a clear indication on the basics of Christianity, thus making it easier for students and scholars studying theology have a justified ground to base their arguments. From Sinclair & Bowman’s (2006), work, it is evident the stand they take in regard to the foundation of Christianity. Their values conform to those of other scholars and analysts who believe that the Bible is the basis of Christianity, and Jesus take the upper hand. Just like indicated in the Holy book, Sinclair & Bowman (2006), indicate that the good news has come to the human race and will be continue to prevail in order to guide Christians on the right path in life. From this indication, therefore, it is evident that the Bible indicates that Jesus is the root of Christianity through His messages to the human race. From the view that Jesus died for the sins of human kind, it is apparent how much He had and still has love for the human race. Apart from that, we are justified to argue that Jesus Christ existed in the world before and from his existence, Christianity found its way into the lives of human kind. The word ‘Christians’ emanate from ‘Christ’ to mean followers of Jesus. This is the more reason why Jesus Christ is referred to as the founder of Christianity. ...
1.1. Body 1.1.1. An analysis of textual sources In an attempt to understand the foundation of Christianity, the Holy Bible cannot be alienated from the picture. As discussed earlier, the Bible is the blue print and reference to Christianity, and in this study, therefore, constant reference has to be made to the book. Sinclair & Bowman (2006), undertake a study of the Bible in an attempt to prove the view that indeed Christianity has its basis on the Bible. Sinclair & Bowman (2006) indicate that the Bible consists of both the Old and New Testaments that relate to the foundations of Christianity on Jesus. They seek to emphasize on the New Testament’s view on Christianity for its rich ideas on the theme. The books of Matthew, Luke, Mark and John emphasize on Jesus’ life while on earth. It is from these books that Christians borrow the aspect of a good life based on Christian virtues from the example of Jesus. It is justified to argue that the Bible leads to many Christians base their belief in Jesus as the founder of Christianity from the readings. It is these texts that parables are explained in broad detail. Jesus plays the role of a servant that was sent by God to save the human race. Jesus is seen more of a servant to the people that the king. According to the Christian values, humility is one of the virtues that all people must embrace. In line with this context, Jesus may be regarded as the founder of Christianity from the example that He set on the human race. In fact, studies indicate that it is from His mission on earth that many people learnt to emulate good virtues from him. Were it, not from Jesus’ mission on earth, Christianity would not have a strong foundation that it has today. At that ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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