Metaphysical Laws of Success: which is similiar to the topics covered in that book the The Secret - Dissertation Example

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Tom Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Metaphysical Laws of Success Introduction: The present study aims to discuss the principles of achieving success and pleasure in life, according to the ways elaborated in the metaphysical laws, with particular concentration upon “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrne (2006)…
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Metaphysical Laws of Success: which is similiar to the topics covered in that book the The Secret
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, developing positive opinion about the life and success of others earns success and peace for man, and development of the scheme for the ruination of others invites losses and difficulties same for the planner at large. Thus, the study elucidates the mental capacities of humans and their direct relationship with their sorrows and joys. The paper exhibits how man’s spiritual powers set out to their voyage to various parts of the universe like fresh breeze, free doves, mighty eagles and enormous hawks, and receive the echo of their journey according to their thoughts, wishes, desires and sentiments. The study lays stress upon humans to be constructive and helpful towards others, which will also shower blessings and bounties upon them for being positive and beneficial for other creatures of the Lord. Thus, the paper draws out the nature’s retaliation design, existing in the universe, in the light of the material under examination, where the virtue is rewarded and vice is punished through the nature’s system of justice and reprisal, prevailing since ever, perhaps man’s very arrival on the earth after his expulsion from the Eden Garden. The paper also explains how negative thinking challenges the joys, happiness, career growth and mental and physical health and fitness as well of the evil-minded individuals by putting their peace of mind in grave jeopardy; while the positive thinking paves the way towards man’s ultimate flight towards the state of delight, mirth, satisfaction and amusement. Before embarking upon the topic under study, it would be advisable to throw light on the nature and scope of metaphysical laws, which is as following: The metaphysical laws seek man’s apparently concealed relation to the universe on the basis of his tremendous inner energy as well as profound mental capabilities, which require adequate discovery for conquering the happiness and joys of life. The metaphysics argues that since the Lord has created humans out of His own image, and has blessed them with the superiority over all other creatures, He has also filled energy in every human in such a manner that he can alone face and solve the challenges and disasters created by the transformations taking place in his natural and social surroundings. “Being made out of (the blessings of) God, we must partake of His nature, for we are made in His image. Man is not self-made; he is made out of God.” (Holmes, 2004: 4) It is partly true due to the very reality that humans have been bestowed upon with spirituality that not only distinguishes them from all other creatures, but also provides them with the power to seek strong supremacy over various objects of the universe. It is man’s spiritual power, which urges him to explore the elements and objects apparently hidden from the human eye, and to conquer different worlds including the world of imagination, world of dreams and the world of happiness. It is the same spirituality that has turned out to be supportive for humans in respect of dominating over high mountains, deep oceans, wild beasts, vast meadows, poisonous reptiles, enormous sea-creatures, large planets, distant stars and much more. Man’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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