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Christian Counseling by Gary Collins - Book Report/Review Example

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Christian Counseling In the book Christian Counseling by Gary Collins, first of all, the author discusses the key issues like the changes that should be done in counseling today, how the counselors should adjust their system of guiding people also it highlights on the house of God’s way of counseling…
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Christian Counseling by Gary Collins
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Extract of sample "Christian Counseling by Gary Collins"

Download file to see previous pages The book also explains on how a person can deal with self-change by avoiding setting unrealistic goals and putting required efforts to accomplish the set target, looking forward to difficulties and being optimistic all the times. The writer maintains that prayers and spiritual dedication are truly vital in attaining personal goals. He gives further explanations on why transformation is difficult, and what makes it difficult in proffering guidelines on how people can make a change that lasts. In addition to that, he also talks about the lawful, ethical and multicultural matters in counseling of Christians. He guides on how church counselors should be educating and leading the Christians on these matters to promote peace and harmony, ensure respect and acceptable behaviors amongst the people in the society. Secondly, the author discusses the most notable concerns that affect the population at present days. The prominent matters that affect human beings are like desolation, anxiety, fury, solitude, guiltiness and forgiveness. He explains how counselors and specialists should help individuals overcome these issues and counsel then on how to avoid these matters affecting their lives. The writer also gives guidelines on the way a person can avoid being carried away by such distressing issues and the steps to take in order to recover from them. The book gives ways on how to avoid getting angry, loneliness also keeping away from committing obvious mistakes that can raise problems. He explains that admitting mistakes that one has done is one way of promoting peace and love to one’s self also to others. At the same time, Gary advises that it is extremely beneficial for one to apologize once on the wrong side also to forgive someone who has wronged them. The author also discusses developmental matters, which affect an individual from the time of childhood to teenager, and at the time when they reach adulthood. He explains how children should be guided on what they do as well as the adolescents, in order to change their moral and ethical behaviors, and at the same time, produce well informed adults. He also urges adults to watch on their behaviours in order to be the role models for the young people. He shows that how children are brought up depicts how they will behave once they become adults. The writer also addresses the interpersonal affairs, and their effect on the populace. He discusses the conflict and relationships, that is, how disagreements affect the unity among relations, and how to curb the situation. The book also outlines about premature sex, and how this brings a tremendous impact to the victims, he gives directions on how the community can help on the situation. He advises on early guidance to young people by the parents, counselors also church leaders to avoid ill-timed pregnancies, HIV, and AIDS amongst the youths. He also advises on sex in marriages, and solutions for the couple, being committed and faithful to one another, in order to maintain the matrimonial home. Gary Collins also talks about homosexuality, and the guidance they can receive from church leaders, counselors and even psychiatrists, to avoid engaging in the act. The writer as well addresses the issue of abuse, especially sexually and abandonment of these victims, and guides on how experts and society at large can go about the matter, to ensure justice, peace and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Brilliant paper! Used it to finish an assignment for a religion and theology course. It was easy as ABC, for the first time in my life.

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