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Integrating the Christian Faith into the Science of Counseling - Assignment Example

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This paper “Integrating the Christian Faith into the Science of Counseling” will analyze the various theories, particularly the Level of Integration View and the Biblical Counseling View, to provide a comprehensive view of the history and direction of the interaction between theology and psychology…
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Integrating the Christian Faith into the Science of Counseling
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Extract of sample "Integrating the Christian Faith into the Science of Counseling"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, renowned counselors of the modern period, namely, Gray Collins and Robert Roberts will be also discussed in order to provide a balanced view of psychotherapy in the past, present, and future.
Since any theory of counseling founded in a religious tradition conveys a specific stance on the relationship between theology and psychology, it is valuable to be sensitive to a number of the alternatives with regard to the latter as a framework for the development of the former.
Because Freud’s negative response of all spiritual organizations as a collective neurosis with the prospect of a hallucination, there has been a hindrance between psychology and religion; and as psychology asserted its importance to become a dignified science through denouncing its origins in either philosophy or religion, together with processes such as introspection, contemplation, intuition, and religion has been described beyond of its limitations except as a discipline of study. Psychology aimed to become a natural science patterned after the hard science of physics. Consequently, in some respects, it has turned out to be not as much of a human or social science (Olson, 1997).
With the omission of a small population of psychologists, extremely few in academic psychology have defied to come up with an applied psychology from any of humanity’s glorious religions, regardless of the reality that almost every world religion integrates not merely a metaphysic and an ethic, but a study of human life and culture as well. It is the latter that acknowledges the spiritual aspect of human existence as the dimension of meaning and values, knowledge, bravery and empathy, anonymity, and worshipful wonder. To abandon the spiritual aspect of life is to be less than complete; it is as well as bad science, for it equals to a rebuff of what it means to be completely human (Burke, 2005). Humans experience life in a spiritual realm in addition to bio-psychosocial. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Integrating the Christian Faith into the Science of Counseling Assignment, n.d.)
Integrating the Christian Faith into the Science of Counseling Assignment.
(Integrating the Christian Faith into the Science of Counseling Assignment)
Integrating the Christian Faith into the Science of Counseling Assignment.
“Integrating the Christian Faith into the Science of Counseling Assignment”.
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