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The paper "Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, a Shared Faith" will begin with the statement that almost the entire world is comprised of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. While I knew the link between Christianity and Judaism, I never realized Christianity and Islam could be compared at all…
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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, a Shared Faith
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Download file to see previous pages Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been intertwined throughout history by the certain commonality they share in theology, all three are monotheistic (believing in one God) and conceive God to be the Creator and also the source of the moral law. The same figures, histories, and places are prevalent in each, although they are frequently presented with different roles, perspectives, and meanings. 54% of the world’s population consider themselves of the Abrahamic religion. These religions share the collective belief that Adam was the first man created and ancestor of all human beings, Abraham is a prophet and the Torah (which is comprised of the first five books of the old testament) as being a revelation of God. The holy scripture Jews read is called the Tanach, which is the Torah. Christians study The Holy Bible, both the old and new testaments. And the Muslims follow the Quar’ an. All three of these works cover the first 5 old testaments, and the lessons of such prophets as Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Noah, and the list goes on. The fact these religions are monotheistic is the most significant unity between them. In Judaism and Islam, the monotheism of God is absolute including God’s essence. In Christianity, there is a doctrine titled Trinity which says that God exists as 3 persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit united in one being. Christians believe Jesus is God, Jews and Muslims deny this stating that God is too powerful to be reduced to a man that has such needs as eating and sleeping, and who could be beaten, and experience death as Jesus did. They attest that no savior is needed or available as an intermediary for us. Islam regards Jesus not as God, but only a human being that became a magnificent messenger of God, and was God’s word brought to Earth. Jews not only deny Jesus as God but as a prophet as well believing the true messiah the word promises have not come yet but will arrive at a future place in time. Just as Jews refuse Jesus, so too do many Jews and Christians refuse Muhammad, a prophet singular to Islam religion, visited by the angel Gabriel who brought the final message of God to Earth. Christians share with Muslims the belief in the second coming of Jesus, yet they are split in this joint notion as Christians believe this will be the time of rapture and the final judgment day and Muslims believe Jesus coming will be only to kill the false messiah and restore God’s people once again leading them through this treacherous time. Jesus will rule and then die forty years after leaving behind him a world cleaned and restored to true religion, the religion of Islam. Aside from monotheism, some other mutual views of God these religions hold are that God will reward the good and punish the wicked, God knows the thoughts and deeds of men, the dead will be resurrected, and a personal relationship with God is within everyone’s grasp. We can return to God always through repentance, perfection is not expected of His creation. Following God’s commandments in this physical world connects us to God spiritually and our mission on Earth is to proclaim the glory of God and His existence everywhere. All three religions maintain that life is a test and we will all be judged by God after death since He is the true judge who knows our actions and motives. It is also acknowledged through Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that we are judged by our faith and our works and they cannot stand alone but must labor together. The faith in our hearts must shine through the good deeds we perform for others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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