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Comparing and contrasting three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - Essay Example

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Religion is a fundamental part of a person’s life, it is a belief system that provides most of the people on this planet with the purpose of life and answers the mysteries of their life. Religion serves as an answer to all the questions in their life that may not have any answers…
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Comparing and contrasting three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
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Extract of sample "Comparing and contrasting three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam"

Download file to see previous pages Religion is a fundamental part of a person’s life, it is a belief system that provides most of the people on this planet with the purpose of life and answers the mysteries of their life. Religion serves as an answer to all the questions in their life that may not have any answers. Apart from having a belief system, religions also provide specific practices and rituals that are used to strengthen the bond between the human life and the belief system that the human follows. Looking at the bigger picture, some religions focus more on practice, while others put more emphasis of the fundamental beliefs and values. Christianity is one of the most widely practiced religions in the world, which is then followed by Islam and the Judaism. These three religions have many similarities and differences between them, which will be discussed; a proper introduction with mention of core beliefs systems that these three religions have will be discussed. In order to understand how these religions affect the followers and their lives, one needs to understand the fundamentals of the religion (Huston, 1991).Islam: The believers of Islam believe in One God, Allah. Allah, the God of Abraham is the supreme authority in the Islamic religion. A Muslim believes in the sovereignty of Allah’s position and power, and believes that Prophet Mohammed was the last prophet to land on this Earth; this forms as the key belief, followed by all of the sects of the religion. Muslims also follow the faith on the premise that Abraham and Allah had an agreement where the believers of Allah will be granted a position in heaven, here after. For Muslims, the life of Prophet Mohammed is the prime example of how a Muslim should lead his/her life. The practice of Prophet Mohammed is considered a model for the followers, as narrated by the colleagues of the Prophet. The holy book, the Quran, is the book of Allah sent by Him through revelations on the Prophet; This book is in Arabic. The history of Islam starts around 570 AD; it is said that when Mohammed was 40 years old, he saw Angel Gabriel who asked him to repeat a message from Allah. This revelation took place for the next 23 years, resulting in the Muslim belief on all the Hebrew Prophets; this list included Moses and Jesus, however, the divinity of Jesus was not accepted. The basic Islamic beliefs include the uniqueness of Allah, belief in the books of Islam (Torah, Bible, and Quran), belief in God’s prophets, belief in the day of judgement and in the angels of Allah. Islam further emphasizes on the practice of humility, tolerance, courage and obedience to law; it forbids consumptions of pork and alcohol. The five pillars which are very important for Islam are Testimony to the faith, Prayers (which are called Namaz), Charity (2.5% of income going to the needy and charity), Fasting (during the month of Ramazan from dawn to sunset) and Hajj. Hajj is a ritual that is followed every year, the focus of which is the Kaaba. It is a three to five days full of rituals. There are two major sects of Islam, the Sunni and the Shia. Sunni constitute about 90% of the Muslim population; believing that the successor to Mohammed should be chosen by the community and negate the presence of a middle man between Allah and people. Shias, the rest of the 10%, believe that Mohammed’s successor should be his relatives, believing in an intermediary between Allah and people, called the Imam. They believe that those who have religious authority should rule the government too. Christianity: Christianity also calls for believing in One God, the God of Abraham. About 4,000 years ago, Abraham lived in the Middle East and believed that only God had made everything and was the supreme power. Christians base their religion on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus was born in Bethlehem; he traveled to northern Palestine throughout his life. He taught a new covenant to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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