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Jesus Christ: A Shepherd Who Led the World through Love - Term Paper Example

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The human race, throughout its history and evolution, has witnessed several leaders and heroes, who have shaped its future by transforming barbaric, nomadic people into a civilized society…
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Jesus Christ: A Shepherd Who Led the World through Love
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Download file to see previous pages The pain and anguish that this great leader has suffered for his fellow humans and the strength of character he has displayed in the face of adversities still remains unparalleled in human history. Jesus Christ is, perhaps, the only leader humanity has seen that combines “divine and human natures,” which are “completely united in one person” (Biblical Doctrine: The Person of Christ 1). Thus, the life and teachings of this great leader and eminent historical figure, apart from being a source of inspiration and enlightenment for millions, have “formed the basis for a major world religion” known as Christianity (Edwards, 1). As Napoleon Bonaparte has eloquently testified, while emperors and conquerors like him depended on force and violence to build their empires, “Jesus alone founded His Empire upon love, and to the very day, millions would die for Him” (Horner 3). Thus, it transpires that what distinguish Jesus Christ from other eminent leaders in human history is His spirituality and sublimity, as well as compassion, sympathy and love for his fellow beings. On the other hand, many people have questioned the existence of Jesus Christ and it still remains a matter of controversy whether he actually lived on Earth. atheists and agnostics argue that Jesus Christ is a fictional character, over a “1000 works of literature written very early in Church history” in Jewish and Pagan culture confirm the existence of Christ through some of them claim that he is a human and not the “Son of God” (Link 1). ...
he anointing of Jesus with oil, AD 170 writing of Tatian that confirms that God is born as a man, the account of Milito or Sardis in AD 177 on Christ’s Baptism, the Samaritan historian Tallus’ writing of AD 52 “about the darkness that occurred at the Crucifixion of Christ,” among many other documentary proof regarding the existence of Christ (Link 1-2). Moreover, several disciples of Jesus Christ, such as Paul, testify that Jesus Christ has appeared before His followers and refers to “over 500 witnesses who saw the resurrected Christ” and therefore, Link contends that Jesus Christ existed, as can be construed from the “overwhelming and undisputed evidence” (4). Thus, the historical evidences rather tend to support the notion that Jesus Christ has existed in this world in flesh and blood He had elements of divinity in him. Social Setting: Various social changes a leader makes in the society have far reaching repercussions in human civilization. Therefore, in order to fully appreciate the relevance of Jesus Christ and His teachings to the modern world, one has to understand the social setting during His times. In the aftermath of the Exile, Israel had undergone a multitude of changes when Jesus emerged as the leader of the common man. The country was “organized as a kind of sacred State under its high priests” and being ruled by the Romans, after the torment of a large string of battles for freedom, some of which were won while others lost (Stalker 30). During this time Galilee and Peraera were ruled by Herod’s sons, who were petty kings that owed allegiance to the Roman emperor. Judaea, during this time, was assigned to a Roman official and the “Roman soldiers paraded the streets of Jerusalem” and the Jews were literally stripped off all powers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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