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Customer’s 16 April, 2012 Assessing the accordance of Islamic fundamental revelations with Modern Science “Religion originates in an attempt to represent and order beliefs, feelings, imaginings and actions that arise in response to direct experience of the sacred and the spiritual…
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Download file to see previous pages Or it could be said that it comprises of certain rules which we have to dutifully obey in order to live with a peaceful heart and soul. It is a complete system provided from some super human source totally unlike mankind. It is also the belief of sharing positive humanitarian experiences with every individual we interact with. So the basic ideology behind the concept of adopting any particular belief or religion for any normal person is to adjust ourselves harmoniously and also to achieve our own well-being by following any particular system of rules. Religion not only is the divine word from God, but it also is a definite set of persuasive ways for living life the way it is best suited for us humans. Science could best be understood in the words of Benjamin Farrington “Science is the system of behavior by which man has acquired mastery of his environment. It has its origins in techniques….in various activities by which man keep body and soul together. Its source is experience, its aim practical, its only test, that it works.” (Grant). This essay is aimed at proving that science and religion are not conflicting with each other rather scientific findings and discoveries are supported in religion as well. History has seen many scholars debate and argue over the point that whether religion is in accordance with science or not. This issue heated up with the advent of prominent discoveries in the field of science and the relationship between the divine and the factuality was always considered at war. Andrew Dickson White’s “A History of the warfare of Science with theology in Chrishtendon” is an unavoidable example in this respect where he tried to lay the understanding of religion and science’s interaction. But his approach has been of a contradictory one. Immanuel Kant provided a completely different theory in this regard and believed that science and religion may no conflict but cater to opposite aspects of mankind. Science is involved with natural processes while religion provides inner solace. Then only recently the relation between science and religion has gained some positive and substantial relation. The most important example in this regard would be of Stephen Jay Gould, who in his book “Rock of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life” (1999) wrote “I…. do not understand why the two enterprises should experience any conflict. Science tries to document the factual character of the natural world and to develop theories that coordinate and explain these facts. Religion on the other hand, operates in the equally important, but utterly different realm of human purposes, meanings and values.” (Doumit) As this research based essay is an attempt to assess a particular religion with its relevance to the modern contemporary era of scientific researches and technology. It becomes integral to select some particular divine system for advancing in this research. There is one little complication though which arose in my mind, that the selected religious system should be involving every particular aspect of normal daily human and social life. Only then a complete analysis can be made and a conclusion could be reached. So, after studying many different religious beliefs being adopted worldwide it is the Islamic system for humanity which I could find the closest to meet my research demands. The world Islam originated from Arabic word “ ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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