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Taoism Religion - Essay Example

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Many religions have been existing around the world throughout history. They have different origins, but basically they all teach morals through stories. Wars also existed as people battle for the true religion, a situation that still observable until today…
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Taoism Religion

Download file to see previous pages... It does not matter whatever religion exists as long as the person becomes a good being to himself and to others. Basically, religions do not only teach morals but also focus on way of life. Rituals are being conducted to help the faithful improve themselves fully as a religious leader assists the religious members in their struggle to be good. The main focus of the paper is the religion Taoism. Taoism came from China as the country had a long history of formation. Taoism became an important part of the history of China though the origin of Taoism is hard to distinguish as it came from complicated roots and Chinese religions mixed as interactions happened. Other religions in China are Confucianism, Buddhism and popular religion. These religions flourished and interact with one another and cultural and traditional mixtures occur resulting to the Chinese religion. Taoism in particular cannot be distinguished easily as it encompasses almost everything about life. Its existence can be compared to water that composes all bodies of water and even clouds and rain. The discovery of the ultimate purpose is not the same for everybody as pathways are different in that religion as the prominent quality is compared to water that never flows in the same way again. ...
Taoism can also be analyzed based on its etymology. The religion comes from the word tao which means road or path as the same term was also used by non-Taoist people. Tao became prominent in Chinese philosophy as their beliefs tend to shape a method or technique and norms of conduct. The term tao first appeared as a philosophical word in the book Analects of the Confucians. They consider tao as the method of behavior for both individual and nation as they pertain to the term as a principle. For the Taoists, the term is not just a principle, it is substance in actuality. Chuang Tzu gave an explanation on the tao and belief of Taoists. According to him, tao is not a substance or a thing only but tao is the sum total of all existence including wastes as a questioner clarified his claim. The main concern of Taoism is the balance of forces which is constant and inseparable that the human mind cannot comprehend its existence. The belief states that humans are indivisible and parts of the oneness as the age of humanity is the same as the age of the sky and earth. As tao is considered as both method and entity, the question arose regarding the purpose of the method. The positive action has no basis in tao. In terms of morals, tao advocates relativity as right and wrong can pertain to the same object depending on the point-of-view. The advice for Taoist practitioners tends to be selfless and let the natural course maneuver the lives of the faithful. They follow the rhythms of nature and environment. Such characteristic of Taoism is called contemplative Taoism which is complemented by the so-called purposive Taoism. As the contemplative Taoism allows calmness for the practitioner, the purposive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Taoism is a mode of living; it encompasses philosophy and religion and thus, becomes a self contained syncretism. It tells a person to discover the harmonies present around one self to determine the worthiness of life given to us by God and admire his gifts showered on us.
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Reflect upon and discuss comfusionism vs taoism
Countries like China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam have been greatly influenced by Confucianism while some of them took up this system as state religion. At the same time, Taoism is a quasi-scientific and religious concept that notably influenced the living of East Asian people for more than 2,500 years.
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Taoism and the Yin Yang Philosophy
Through a number of martial arts, Taoist views have become popular worldwide. Yin Yang philosophy refers to the ideal state of everything represented by balance and harmony among opposites. According to Chinese Taoism philosophy, complementary principles are responsible for the rhythm of life through-out the universe.
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A Comparison between Confucianism and Taoism
It was during that time that the two most influential spiritual leaders in native China are believed to have lived and taught their followers. Confucius and Lao-tzu practiced Confucianism and Taoism respectively and the fascination of the whole world in these two philosophies remains very strong.
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Taoism a way of being or a way of becoming
They drew up liturgies to resemble the Buddhist sutras; and also prayers for the dead. They adopted the idea of a Trinity, consisting of Lao Tzu, considered as the mythological Adam of China. (Isabelle, 1997) Tsui Shu argues that Mencius who is known to be the orthodox representative of the Confucian school, fought vehemently against the influences of Yang Chu and Mo Ti in his own time.
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Confucianism and Taoism
higher form of moralism and they believe that man is the center of this mundane world while Taoism has questioned the values that Confucianism follows (HWS, 2007). While Confucianism deals with the practical and the earthly, Taoism deals with the esoteric and the heavenly
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According to traditions develpoed, Lao Tzu after getting upset with bad nature of his countrymen, left for Tibet along with a water buffalo. But on his way, he felt guilt of leaving
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It promotes being ordinary in search of inner peace. In the past, individuals from one region could spend an entire lifetime without visiting their neighboring country. This religion avoids
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Imperial China's Development
According to the essay, Imperial China's Development, the Qin dynasty emerged in the 3rd B.C as the most powerful and ruthless kingdom. Their aim was to unite the Chinese as one and rule over them. The Qin became more powerful due to their mastery of horsemanship, changing the war strategies and raising up the foot soldiers.
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Taoism Religion
However, although other religions are also multi-faced, studies show that Taoism is more multi-faced than most of these religions, this is because for a long time this religion has been involved in several Chinese divergent strands.
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