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The Judgment Seat of Christ - Research Paper Example

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Introduction 1
Jesus The Son of Man 2
The Paradigm 3
Christians: In Focus 5
The Christian Life 6
The Judgment Seat of Christ and the Christian: A New Ethical Challenge 8
Conclusion 9
Bibliography 11
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The Judgment Seat of Christ
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Extract of sample "The Judgment Seat of Christ"

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Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, death, suffering and sin have lost its power over humanity. It has opened to humanity the reality of life to come after this life on earth. This hope, which the redemptive act of Christ gives, brings men and women to the reality that life here on earth is the beginning of persons’ journey towards God. In this way, life’s journey starts from, begins with, and ends with God. However, as the images of eschatology fortifies hope for things to come, it also poses a challenge, for Christians, to take constantly a re-look into their inner lives as well as in their actions because in the “Second Advent and in the final overthrow of Death” , “we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad” (2 Cor 5:10).
In light of this, research will seek to understand St. Paul’s the judgment seat of Christ. This is significant, as people perceive the judgment seat of Christ with dread. Since, it is commonly ,believed that it is in the judgment seat of Christ that people will account to God what they have done in this life, whether good or bad, and God’s justice will prevail.
The third segment will be dealing with the ethical challenge pose to the Christian by St. Paul’s the judgment seat of Christ. Finally, the fourth part will be the conclusion. Furthermore, the study will not be providing an exegetical analysis of the text. It will also not provide a discussion pertaining to the debate between Premillennialist, who holds that the judgment is one of the various eschatological judgments and the Amelliennialist who claims that there is only one judgment event. Instead, the research will focus on the relationship between God and man and man between men in the context of Pauline eschatology. Jesus The Son of Man Scholarly works abounds pertaining to the ‘mystery of Jesus’. Acknowledging this fact, the focus of the discussion will be the title Jesus used to refer to himself – The Son of Man.4 It has been observed that the writers of the New Testament have referred to Jesus as the “Messiah” (Christ), “Kyrios” (Lord) and Son of God. In this regard, the meaning and content of the Son of Man, which is drawn from Jesus’ own words, are transferred to these other titles.5 In light of this, there are three different interpretations pertinent to the Son of Man. The first interpretation holds that the Son of Man refers to the One who is to come. This differentiates Jesus from the Son of Man and supports the notion that Jesus does not refer to himself as the Son of Man. As such, the first interpretation speaks of the immanence of Jesus and the forthcoming eschatology. On the other hand, the second interpretation, views the Son of MAN as referring to the earthly activities of Jesus. As such, Jesus claims Lordship over the Sabbath, the power to forgive sins and about him neither possessions nor home.6 Finally, the third ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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