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Satan's fall from Heaven - Research Paper Example

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Generally, Satan/Lucifer is symbolic of sin or the factor which attracts human beings towards the forbidden fruit. This assumption is specifically related to Christian mythology and the Holy Bible. From a different angle of view, there exists less evidence on Satan’s fall from the heaven in the Bible…
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Satans fall from Heaven
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Extract of sample "Satan's fall from Heaven"

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The exact time of Satan's fall from Heaven is still clouded and leads to a number of different views and theories on the same. Some of the views/theories are pointed out here.
Satan’s fall: between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2
This view/theory is generally known as ‘gap theory’. The chief exponents of this theory believe that the wide time interval between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 is enough to the Satan’s fall from heaven. Hodge (2011), states that “Gap theorists try to make the case that the Hebrew in Genesis 1:2 should be translated as “And the earth became without form, and void” and this is subsequent to Satan’s fall” (p.24). Besides, this theory can be connected to the theory of evolution and the extinction of dinosaurs. When the gap is that of millions of years, there exists high possibility for Satan’s fall from heaven within this time interval. In addition, this theory tries to connect Genesis 1:1 with scientific division of ages. For instance, Genesis 1:1can be evaluated scientifically as the time interval of creation of the whole world by the God. Moreover, Genesis 1:2 can be evaluated as the time interval in which the God judged the whole world. In short, the ‘gap theory’ tries to explain that Satan’s fall from the heaven is in between Genesis 1:1and 1:2.
Satan’s fall: between chapters 1 and 2 (Genesis)...
Satan’s fall: between chapters 1 and 2 (Genesis) The people who believe in this view/theory do not accept the fact that the earth’s age consists of millions of years. When this view is connected to the God’s creation of the world within six days, the time interval for the creation is limited to an extent. For instance, when the God created the whole world within six days, the age of the earth will be limited to thousands of years. Russell (1987), states that “The Devil fall from grace because he envied God, wishing to be adored like his maker, and even more because he envied humanity” (p.81). The exponents of this view/theory argue that Satan was created by the God on the first day of creation. Those who believe in this view/theory are of the opinion that Satan’s fall is in between the chapters 1 and 2 (Genesis). To be specific, the Satan in the chapter 3 of genesis is portrayed as a fallen angel. So, there exists high possibility for Satan’s fall between his creation (chapter 1) and portrayal as fallen (chapter 3). So, the exponents of this view/theory argue that Satan’s fall is in between the chapters 1 and 2 (Genesis). Satan’s fall: before chapter 1 (Genesis) This view/theory is based upon the belief that Satan’s fall is not between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, and chapters 1 and 2 (Genesis), but before chapter 1 (Genesis). This view/theory suggests that Satan was banished from the heaven long before Adam and Eve’s creation. Troyer (2007), states that “ Some people believe Lucifer was kicked out of heaven long before the Garden of Eden was made or before God created the heaven and the earth” (p.116). The main argument is that chapter 1 (Genesis) makes clear that ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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