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Covenant Theology: Promises Not Made to Be Broken - Essay Example

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A covenant is, simply put, a promise, a contract, an agreement, an obligation, or a commitment to do something on behalf of or for someone else. A covenant is drawn or drafted verbally and/or in writing, and is made between individuals, an individual and a nation, or two or more nations or tribes…
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Covenant Theology: Promises Not Made to Be Broken
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Extract of sample "Covenant Theology: Promises Not Made to Be Broken"

Download file to see previous pages A covenant is, simply put, a promise, a contract, an agreement, an obligation, or a commitment to do something on behalf of or for someone else. A covenant is drawn or drafted verbally and/or in writing, and is made between individuals, an individual and a nation, or two or more nations or tribes.The covenant is a promise of things to come in the future, whether short-term, long-term, or eternally, as was the case with Noah's rainbow. Each of the special covenant protections that God made over ancient times is a “lesser covenant” that leads to the Last and Final Covenant, the promise of a Savior who would come to save all mankind for all eternity. In this case, the promise God made to Abraham to make his descendants 'as numerous as the sand of the sea' was fulfilled in the Messiah, the One who made all prior promises complete. To some extent, the Savior can even be a fulfillment of the covenant God made with Noah in the sign of the rainbow. It is believed by some that God will not need to destroy mankind again with a flood, because the peoples of earth are on a sure and steady end-times path to self-destruction. By the ancient scribes, scrolls, and written texts, calendar time starts moving forward on or around the time of the birth of Christ (A.D. - “anno domini,” Latin for “in the year of our Lord.”). Everything before that counts down to the Year One, or counts backward to be beginning of time. With those years, the higher the number, the more ancient the days; in modern history, the lower the calendar year numbers, the more modern the days all the way to our current year 2011. We still see the rainbow in the earth's atmosphere, especially after a silky thin rain, but the first coming of the Christ as promised is also to be accompanied by a second coming, so the rainbow covenant is still relevant in our time. According to many believers of Christian theology, the final promise of the Lord's return and the restoration of earth to its all-encompassing future kingdom glory has yet to happen. Bible scholars refer to the entire Old Testament as the Covenant under Moses. The New Testament is the Covenant under Yeshua, whom we often refer to as “Jesus,” and it is called the Messianic covenant. There are several schools of thought on scriptural prophecy as it relates to covenant theology – where it originates, how it is dispensated or dealt out in modern times, what it really means then and now, and how believers are supposed to take and apply it to everyday life until the second half is fulfilled. Though there are some who say the first coming of the Savior was by water (His birth) and the second by blood (His crucifixion, death, and resurrection); but others say the second dispensation could not have happened yet because we are still living in a sin-sick broken world that will self-destruct in a ball of wars and fire this time. The argument is that if the prophecies that pointed to His birth were fulfilled and literal, how can the prophecies which point to the coming of the Kingdom of God, or the New Jerusalem, be anything but. That is the covenant of the future, the promise that the New Jerusalem and a new world is on the way. Characteristics of a Covenant Relationship Covenant relationships in Bible times had several elements to them, but not all of the elements were included in every agreement. A few of the characteristics of covenant are noted below: (a) Agreement of the terms of the covenant The terms are agreed upon by both parties; however, a covenant does not necessarily bind both or ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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