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When Should Parents Let Teens Make Their Own Decisions - Term Paper Example

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The author analyzes the issue as to when parents should allow their children to make their own decision has been studied in the academic field and is still being studied today. A majority of the sources agree that the best time to let the child make their own decision is around the age of 16-18. …
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Extract of sample "When Should Parents Let Teens Make Their Own Decisions"

Download file to see previous pages There are classic examples heard every time children and their parents argue for example, “there is no point explaining to you because you will never understand” and “I will never good enough for you” (Ginsburg 53). These are certainly the words of a hurt child being channeled to a likewise hurt parent. However, at the time, parents fail to acknowledge that their child is no longer a child and this does not imply that the child should be granted unlimited/unrestricted freedom, but simply implies that it reaches a point where children’s ideas, views, and opinions have to be acknowledged (Faull 1).

Children, as well, want to understand their parents and why they want them to do things in a certain manner (Ginsburg 53). Even though children will make their personal decisions, proper home life can enhance the chances that children will avoid a lot of the downsides of teenage years (Rochman 1). Specifically, a kind, affectionate and solid connection with parents who show respect and acknowledgment to the children, a concentration in their children’s doings, and also establish firm boundaries for those doings might directly or indirectly influence the positive behavior of their children (Faull 1). This leads to the determent of sexual promiscuity, criminal activity, low self-esteem, illegal drugs and alcohol use, delinquency and also negative peer pressure (Ginsburg 53).

A majority of parents today consider that working through the adolescent years of their children is tough, but the reality of the ground is that it is just as tough for the child as it is for the parent (Ginsburg 54). Then, at one time, innocent, cuddly and charming child, all of a sudden turns moody, rebellious as the parent is left hopelessly alone. However, it is not only difficult for the parent along because the child is also going through a phase of emotions, fear, and confusion (Steinberg 58). Parents who spend most of their time showing positive, constructive reinforcement, and who are able to have effective discussions with their children can see them through their teenage years.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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