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Psychotherapy as a Religion - Research Paper Example

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This essay explores the psychotherapy as a religion. Most people need guidance for the right life. In essence, religion and psychotherapy perform the same function - they heal human souls, offering instruction and motivation to perform the “right” actions: epithet “sinful” replaced the word “sick”…
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Psychotherapy as a Religion
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Download file to see previous pages Cure of souls was replaced with the modern word psychotherapy due to advancement in the medical sciences. Christianity has played role in the real psychological treatment of “sinful” minds. Psychological practitioners replaced the word “sinful” with the word “sick” and replaced spiritual ministers in treating the people through religion than medical. 
The aim of religious treatment is to establish a link between man and God. Confession and repentance is the right treatment for a soul in Christianity. Bible is the holy book that guides individuals in living an abundant life. Bible helps the human being to exercise greater psychological control by having faith in God despite all the problems. Moreover, the time comes when one is driven by internal force to tackle all the situations in the life that is the time when an individual has received the life of God in his own body.
Islam means, “surrender to the will of Allah”, the all-powerful who decides the fate of human beings. People with good deeds will go to paradise and with bad deeds will be punished in hell. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah and his followers are called Muslims. Islam is also one of the religions that treat the human mind and soul through spiritual powers. Islam gives a clear path to leading a successful life. Qur’an is the holy book of Muslims having solutions for all the mental, health, psychological and health problems. Islamic scholars have done great research on the teachings of the holy book and have believed the fairness of all the guidelines. Islam lays great emphasis r on life following the death. Where good deeds will be rewarded paradise and bad deeds will see hell. This proves the psychological value of Islam in the life of Muslims. They have to submit to the will of Allah by controlling their mind and body. Muslims are supposed to follow what Allah likes and leave that he does not like. Guidance is available in the shape of Qur’an and teachings of the prophet.  Islam demands obedience of teachings for the ultimate reward on the day of judgment. Therefore, Islamic practice psychologically controls the mind of a Muslim throughout his life.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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