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Psychology: Group Process & Management - Term Paper Example

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The author states that groups having a long-term impact on the individual and society in general. Understanding people requires an understanding of their groups. This paper presents a critique of the factors that might affect someone joining an established group.   …
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Psychology: Group Process & Management
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Extract of sample "Psychology: Group Process & Management"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from the factors emanating from the group, an individual joining an established group may be affected by factors originating from his/her inner self. If he/she is pre-occupied with previous associations that may engross the mind, there is a possibility that the person will not concentrate on the activities of the group (Driskell and Radtke, 2006). Sometimes people engage in associations that fail them thereby instilling them with a phobia of joining other groups. This may have adverse effects when they are faced with a situation in which they are required to make a decision regarding future associations. On the other hand, uncertainty and mistrust may make a person to hold back from joining a group. It is therefore that members become familiar with each other to avoid uncertainties (Burn, 2004).
A person’s comfort zone is also a significant determinant of the capacity to form associations and to join existing groups. The comfort zone is a combination of surroundings and occurrences that a person usually feels contented without fears of imminent dangers. It is a situation in which an individual is at peace without risks in his/her environment. There might be various comfort zones for one individual which he/she develops mental boundaries which generate an unsubstantiated feeling of security (Guskey, 2000). In other words, the person may not have enough bases to claim security in the comfort zone. It is usually difficult for a person who has established a comfort zone to move away from it in future. However, a shift from the zone can be accomplished after careful experimentation of various behaviors and an evaluation of the reactions to the new environment, which is the major cause of people tending to leave groups they have joined recently (Burn, 2004).
Group size is also a significant factor that may affect a newcomer in an established group.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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