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Why Do Children Behave Aggressively - Research Paper Example

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The study “Why Do Children Behave Aggressively” proved null hypothesis that infants behave differently in the presence of parent or caretaker, depending upon the influence that authoritative person has over the kid, as well as the child’s past disciplinary experiences imposed by the supervisor…
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Why Do Children Behave Aggressively
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Download file to see previous pages Androcentrism refers to the practice, conscious or otherwise, of placing male human beings, or the masculine point of view, at the center of one's view of the world and its culture and history. Such a view is relevant when examining how different genders behave accordingly (if so) at young ages. Hegarty and Buechel tried to address a spherical view on androcentrism by hypothesizing that psychological research also constructs gender differences through this cultural view. Their conclusive argument provides a new point from which to view debates about the science and the politics of comparing women and men.
Edovald (2005) takes the initiative of further defining and classifying anti-social behavior patterns. When trying to provide a more understandable definition of concepts, such as “delinquency”, “antisocial behavior”, “conduct disorder”, “conduct problems” and “externalizing behavior disorders”, he hypothesized that definitional and classification issues exist between concepts of antisocial behavior. In addition, Justicia et. al. (2006) presents an ‘explicative model’ of social behavior. While establishing this ‘explicative model’ of antisocial behavior, Justicia et. al. try to persuade readers that society should concentrate more on developing prevention programs particularly designed for preschoolers and primary age children. The researcher’s motives were to set up specific interventions for preventing and/or alleviating the effects of antisocial aggressive behavior among children.
A more contemporary cognitive approach to defining aggressive behavior, in general, was adopted by Chartrand & Bargh (1999).  While introducing ‘The Chameleon Effect’, the two researchers hypothesized that the non-conscious mimicry of postures, mannerisms, facial expressions, and other behaviors is such that it changes depending upon the social environment that the person is experiencing. According to them, ‘The Chameleon Effect’ is a basic and important social psychological phenomenon. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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