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Suicidal Behaviour: Nature, Nurture and Genetic Factors - Term Paper Example

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The author of the "Suicidal Behaviour- Nature, Nurture and Genetic Factors" paper examines the causes and risk factors and the role of perinatal factors in suicidal behavior. The author states that suicidal behavior is a complex and multifactorial phenomenon. …
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Suicidal Behaviour: Nature, Nurture and Genetic Factors
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Extract of sample "Suicidal Behaviour: Nature, Nurture and Genetic Factors"

Download file to see previous pages Various studies have demonstrated the effect of perinatal and early childhood factors on mental health including suicidal behavior. Glover & OConnor (2002) demonstrated the adverse effects of antenatal maternal stress on the psychological development of the offspring. Brown et al (2000) reported that maternal malnutrition during pregnancy results in a higher incidence of affective disorders in adulthood. Thompson et al (2001) demonstrated similar results with low birth weight. In 2004, Mittendorfer- Rutz et al reported that low birth weight and younger maternal age was associated with suicide in the offsprings when they became young adults. In 2006, Riordian et al studied the relationship between perinatal circumstances and subsequent young adult suicide. The researchers opined that "higher maternal parity, younger maternal age (<25 years), non-professional parental occupations and low birth weight (<2500 g) were independently associated with higher suicide risk of offspring as young adults." They, however, found no association between gestational age and suicidal behavior. Previously, Mittendorfer- Rutz et al (2004) also supported the fact that increased maternal parity is associated with increased risk of suicidal behavior in the offspring. Maternal mental health is an important factor for proper offspring health. As early as 1978, Brown & Harris reported that multiparous women are at higher risk of depression. Kemppainen et al (2000) demonstrated a higher incidence of psychiatric diseases in the younger children of grand- multiparous women. The research implicated that having six or more elder siblings can be detrimental to mental health. However, such an implication was deferred by Riordan et al (2006).

How these perinatal factors are related to increased suicidal behavior in the offspring is not yet clearly known. However many hypotheses have been put forward to explain the relation.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Suicidal Behaviour: Nature, Nurture and Genetic Factors Term Paper.
(Suicidal Behaviour: Nature, Nurture and Genetic Factors Term Paper)
Suicidal Behaviour: Nature, Nurture and Genetic Factors Term Paper.
“Suicidal Behaviour: Nature, Nurture and Genetic Factors Term Paper”.
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