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Key Concepts of Counseling Psychology - Assignment Example

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"Key Concepts of Counseling Psychology" paper focuses on reality theory, cognitive-behavioral theory, and person-centered theory. This model is an attempt at synthesizing these theories to formulate a mega-theory specific to the author's knowledge of the community in which he/she intends to operate. …
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Key Concepts of Counseling Psychology
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Extract of sample "Key Concepts of Counseling Psychology"

Download file to see previous pages Humans were born with the capacity to know and the freedom to choose between good and evil.  Given this freedom, we are responsible for our decisions, actions, and thoughts. Consequently, there is a need for therapy when an individual is unable or unwilling to accept personal responsibility for emotional problems.   We are not perfect therefore we make imperfect decisions. Therapy in this integrative approach attempts to get the client to live at peace with themselves in spite of mistakes. However, the level of peace depends on the extent to which one allows the environment to influence one’s inner world. Individuals, therefore, have the capability to improve themselves. Nonetheless, we have the tendency to develop some self-defeating patterns that may interfere with our movement toward improvement. It follows then that therapy should offer some specific guidelines for change and improvement in one’s life.

In addition, because of our imperfections, the human continues to look beyond self to a higher being. Thus, the human is willing to attain assistance from another being for guidance but not for total control of the individual’s behavior or decisions. The human needs love, respect, honor, and all these elements which would cause them to prosper in a positive manner.

Finally, I tend to be in agreement with the “systematic and structured approach to counseling” (Corey 2005, p. 231) as posited by the behaviorists but I am at variance with their lack of analysis of one’s history (past experiences) in order to bring about healing.

Corey 2005 cited ten characteristics that underlie the behavioral approach. For the purpose of this cumulative theory, the author of this paper would like to adhere to four. (232-233) Firstly, this theory is based on the premise that clients are able to perform specific tasks that would lead them into a better life and disposition of mind. Secondly, clients will be empowered by their interaction with the therapists and the elucidating of the relevant problem or problems. Thirdly, there is a sequential order to the process of change.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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