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The effect of Stereotype Threat on African American Gay Males in Corporate America - Research Proposal Example

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One of the challenging situations in the human life is that of career choice. Career choice decisions may be influenced by personal desires, peers, parents and the corporate society. Career…
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The effect of Stereotype Threat on African American Gay Males in Corporate America
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Extract of sample "The effect of Stereotype Threat on African American Gay Males in Corporate America"

Download file to see previous pages Apparently, stereotype threat is really a difficult problem for the gay people to address since they comprise a despicable social group. As a result career choice for the gay people is significantly influenced by stereotype threat.
This study aims at evaluating the various effects of the stereotype threat on African American gay males in the corporate America. Millon & Lerner (2003) states that the topic about the guy community has elicited heightened debate across the world. In this regard, it is imperative to conduct an assessment of the economic, socio-cultural and political effects of stereotype threat on the African American gay males. It is worth noting that being gay influences an individual’s career choice and occupation in the corporate American society. The entire coverage of the study will be an examination of stereotype threat to understand its effects on the African American gay males in corporate America.
Racial and gender discrimination of the African American community has been in existence for many years. Apparently, racial and gender discrimination of the black population can be seen in the social, political and economic aspects of life. Essentially, discrimination results in low self-esteem and hatred between different races and gender. It is worth recognizing that discrimination is sometimes associated with stereotype threat. Research has shown that stereotype threat has unlimited consequences to the African American gay men in the workplace (Meyer & Northridge, 2007). In this regard, it is necessary to conduct a study to identify the impacts of stereotype threat among the minority social groups such as the American African gay men.
The research is very crucial as it gives an insight of the impacts of stereotype threat to minority social groups in the society. In addition, the research gives a limelight of the various challenges that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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