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Benefits and Limitations of Hypnotherapy - Research Paper Example

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Thus the aim of this project is to analyze the nature of hypnosis in order to figure out whether it is indeed a helpful technique for…
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Benefits and Limitations of Hypnotherapy
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Extract of sample "Benefits and Limitations of Hypnotherapy"

Download file to see previous pages It is partly due to the myths surrounding hypnosis and its association with alternative-complementary medicine, even though there have been number of clinical studies suggesting that hypnosis may be effective and applicable to medical care. Thus literature review has revealed that the fact that hypnosis is efficient for reducing pain, treatment of psychiatric disorders, and defeat of harmful habits is doubtless for most doctors. Moreover, certain researches claim that all the mysteries around the phenomenon and its harmful implications for human mind are not true and hypnosis doesn’t do anything bad but only contributes to modern medicine. Since we live in psychopharmacological era, where drugs mainly treat disorders, hypnotherapy holds enormous potential as a safe non-pharmacologic tool for patient care. The contribution of this project is mainly to inform people about the beneficial potential of hypnotherapy.
Hypnosis has always caused a lot of discussions in scientific circles; moreover, it has been considered through multiple perspectives like ethics, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, philosophy etc. However, even though most people realize the advantages of hypnosis for medicine and especially for its usage in psychotherapy, still most scientists have rather cautious attitude to this phenomenon in terms of its powerful influence on human mind which might be used for contradictory purposes; hypnosis indeed can help people to get rid of their mental traumas and harmful mind setups; moreover, hypnosis sessions may reduce physical pain and help to get rid of harmful habits. Thus hypnosis might be useful for various purposes if it is not misused by the people who know how to deal with hypnotic techniques, which requires special ethical code of the doctors that are willing to work with hypnosis in order to help people but not to do any harm.
Hypnosis is one of the most mysterious conditions that human body might experience. This phenomena is characterized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Benefits and Limitations of Hypnotherapy Research Paper.
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