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Various researchers have tried to come up with a number of remedies aimed at mitigating the challenge that has become a reality in the American Society. Medical practitioners have come up with a number of…
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DISORDER AND THERAPHY CHOICE C The cases of mental illness have escalated in the current years. Various researchers have tried to come up with a number of remedies aimed at mitigating the challenge that has become a reality in the American Society. Medical practitioners have come up with a number of therapeutic interventions that are at addressing the issue (APA, 2012).
Various approaches can be applied to improve the mental state of patients having mental problems. They include behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, inpatient service and cognitive therapy among many other types of treatments (APA, 2012).
One of the therapeutic interventions offered by therapists is as the psychotherapy. The medical practitioners use the technique of having a conversation with the patient. The patient can share out the mental problems that they have to a team of professionals that is always ready to listen to them. A successful therapy session is evaluated by determining the positive changes that the that the person is suffering from mental problems has attained. Additionally, the character of the patients gets transformed into positive traits. Moreover, psychotherapy sessions can be conducted by professionals from other professional backgrounds (Sharf, 2012).
Psychotherapy is used to treat a number of disorders that infant and geriatrics experience on a daily basis. A majority of employees are vulnerable to develop depression problem primarily to work related obligations. If unattended, the situation may escalate and become a major mental crisis. Such people require immediate treatment to save their conditions that may deteriorate if ignored. Psychotherapy is the appropriate remedy that can be to people suffering from stress, sadness, and other negative feelings. Additionally, psychotherapy sessions are necessary for helping alcoholics that have drinking problems. Drugs and other alcoholic drinks are very addictive. A majority of the users have confessed that they once tried to quit drinking. For such reasons, alcoholic and drug addicts are a right target group that can benefit from psychotherapy. Furthermore, the therapy is very appropriate for people who have the problem of losing their concentration quickly. People who suffer from the disorders that have been highlighted stand to gain from the type of treatment (Germer & Siegel, 2012).
Interestingly, psychotherapy can be conducted by practitioners from a diverse pool of professionals. It can be by graduates who have specialized in the medical field such as nurses. In addition, social work graduates, counselors among many professionals may perform treatment on patients having different disorders. Although, the credential required may appear to be lenient, health policies and guidelines regulate the professional supposed to attend therapies for patients (APA, 2012).
Evidence-based effectiveness
Numerous research works has been done to try to unearth the effectiveness of psychotherapy. It has been established that psychotherapy has been effective in changing patients who have disorders. However, the therapy has not been efficient in cases where the mental disorder case is severe. It requires an early intervention before the problem could get out of hand. It has been noted that inconsistencies in the outcomes of the treatment could be as a result of behavioral changes of the patient. Studies that have been conducted in clinical research have indicated that psychotherapy is an effective treatment process for people with disorders (APA, 2012).
American Psychological Association, (2012).Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness. [9.4.2015]. < psychotherapy.aspx> Germer, C. & Siegel, R. (2012). Wisdom and compassion in psychotherapy : deepening mindfulness in clinical practice. New York: Guilford Press.
Sharf, R. (2012). Theories of psychotherapy and counseling : concepts and cases. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole. Read More
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