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The Brain, Psychology, Art & Behavior - Research Paper Example

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It is not a secret that colors influence person`s emotional state and mood. For example, for most of us it is much more comfortable to fall asleep in a room painted…
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The Brain, Psychology, Art & Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages There is even some evidence that the color of a placebo pill influences its effect. It was established that pills painted in hot colors gave better effect than pills painted in cold colors (Whitfield & Wiltshire 66). So colors which are simple light frequencies create some serious psychological response in our brain and influence productivity, aggressiveness, appetite, and mood. Apart from psychological effects colors can also have physiological effects an alternate body organs work. In this paper I am going to examine the theory that such mechanisms of colors influence can be explained by biological inclinations and which have developed in people.
Color vision is one of the most interesting and yet not explored parts of the optical science. When Newton discovered that white color is a mix of all the existing colors he made a basis for discovering wave theory of light. Later it became clear that eyes and brain perceive colors as certain frequencies (Gregory 122). So one of the major questions that appeared about colors concerned the number of principal colors. The scientists suggested that it is hardly possible that there were receptors for all the colors so there must be some basic colors the number of which is no more than three. So Young was the first one who discovered that colors can be mixed and can give completely new colors so he distinguished three basic colors which eventually form all the others. They are red, green, and blue or violet (Gregory 123). The discovery of these basic colors was important for understanding the nature of color and light in general. Many scientists and later psychologists studied colors and their impact o human body an mind. Carl Jung was particularly interested in color therapy and aimed to use colors in his practice. He was known as one of the first color psychologists, however, today this sphere is more developed and psychologists, marketing specialists, designers, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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