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The student sacrificed his time to prepare for his exams. As soon as the results were announced, he was shocked by the outcome. This made him…
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Diatheses and Stressors
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Diatheses and Stressors al Affiliation) Diatheses and Stressors The potential diatheses and stressors that led to a suicide attempt by a college student was his inability to make it in his final exams. The student sacrificed his time to prepare for his exams. As soon as the results were announced, he was shocked by the outcome. This made him contemplate of killing himself. According to the model, severe negative events can lead to disorders without referencing to psychological or biological features. The suicide behavior is termed as a stressor because it is based on the notion that failing examination is a common trigger of committing suicide among the affected. Additionally, various explanatory models have featured stress as one of the determinants that causes suicide. Subsequently, failing an exam is characterized as a social environment that affects the relationship status and occupational status. The event is crucial, and is termed as a general life stress level event. This makes suicidal behavior a potential stressor.
Participation and Response
The diathesis concept is dynamic meaning it is not dichotomous but rather continuous. For instance, schema models of suicide behavior are termed as dichotomous model. Therefore, when an individual has a depressogenic schema he is faced with depression risk when the evens that precipitates the schema occurs. From the discussion, it is apparent that the schema model has pointed the possibility of continuous characters that describes the depressogenic aptitudes of schema that ranges from weak, mild, or strong. Therefore, the description of stress and diathesis role in suicidal behavior is grounded on social facts (Cankaya, 2006).
Cankaya, B. (2006). Diatheses to depression the interactions of schema propositions, schema structure, and negative life events. Blacksburg, Va.: University Libraries, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Read More
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