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Bullying (may focus on school bullying or cyberbullying) - Assignment Example

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The most advent of technology has been use of email and rise of social media. As a result, there has been easy interaction among people over the sites. However, such interaction has led to…
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Bullying (may focus on school bullying or cyberbullying)
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Extract of sample "Bullying (may focus on school bullying or cyberbullying)"

Download file to see previous pages The challenge has been common among young people on a daily basis. The frequent nature of the problem is because of easy access to technology like cell phones and the internet. Cyber bullying may occur in different ways. It may involve sending threats or messages to persons email or by use of social sites, spreading rumors online, taking comprising pictures of someone and sending them using social sites, and circulating sexually suggestive pictures of a person through internet (Bullying Statistics, 2013). Consequently, an individual exposed to any form of threat can be affected significantly. However, many links of cyber bullying think it is funny while not realizing its consequences on affected individuals. A reflection on cyber bullying helps in understanding the social psychology concepts related to cyber bullying as well as challenges.
Cyber bullying has attracted immense interest in United States. The importance is seen based on historical events and legal decision based on cyber bullying in the society. One of such events has been various tragedies arising from the rampant exposure of teenagers and young people to cyber bullying. For example, the suicide of 13-year-old Missouri student Megan Meier in 2006 attracted massive attention in United States (Davis, 2011). The student was targeted through social networking site MySpace that was common among students. The death of the student brought the issue into the limelight. On the other hand, cyber bullying has attracted the attention of a legal expert in United States. Some of experts have argued that there has been weak law regarding the speech of the student both in and off the campus (Davis, 2011). In fact, the law is vague on what the school leaders can do in curbing cyber-bullying cases in school premises.
Moreover, it has been noted that the issue of cyber bullying has been treated differently under the law. The evidence is based ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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