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The present essay entitled "Theories and Personality" is focused on the psychological approach to understanding personality. As the text has it, psychodynamic theory, a Viennese physician discovered many of his patient’s problems lacked physical causes. …
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Theories and Personality
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Personality theories
There are various types of personality theories. Psychodynamic theory, a Viennese physician discovered many of his patient’s problems lacked physical causes. He viewed personality as a dynamic system directed by three factors; each of these is a complex system in its own right. Some behavior involved activity of all the three internal struggles and rechannels energies typify personality functioning. Sometimes pride gives the seduction and forces display or sublimate behavior to other activity. It is always in the middle dealing not only with pride but also with the external reality.
People develop habitual ways of dealing with these calm anxieties, and they end up using pride defense mechanism to lessen internal conflicts. The executive is guided by reality facts and principles; it delays every action until it is appropriate or practical. It is the system of planning, deciding and problem solving. It is conscious control of the personality. The Id behaves in such a way that the power is impressive but must rely on others to carry out orders.
Superego acts as a judge for the actions and thoughts for the pride, an internalized parent to bring behavior under control. People with weak super ego will certainly be antisocial or criminals. In contrast, over strict super egos can cause rigidity, inhibition or unbearable guilt (Duane, 2008).
I disagree with some of the statements, as it takes time before one develops a habit. This is as a result of slow, gradual change of the mind before it adapts fully to the new behavior change. It also becomes to extremely difficult for one to forget some of past behaviors.
Behaviorist theory explains the effects of external stimuli have no behavior. It was a sudden shift away from the Freudian philosophy; it emphasized on the mutual interaction of the person and the environment. Skinner believed children end up doing naughty things because of the behavior obtain attention which serves as reinforce. There are responses and consequences, a child cries because that child was crying at the past leading to attention.
Basing on my own perspective, I do disagree that there is a relationship between environment and behavior change. I do believe the two are independent events; different places with different environments, and in some cases, one finds out people from a different region do share some common behaviors (Duane, 2008).
The article mainly describes different types of theories and behavior of different people. The article is very helpful, and educational it emphasizes on different behaviors, and one gets to understand better. It would be advisable to share the same textbook with various people In order to have the same level of understanding. In one way or another, it may assist and help to shape their daily behavior and procedures to use to divert from unwanted behaviors.
They should also be keen in; at the beginning of the article it may sound misleading due to lack of proper understanding. They should take time when reading in order to have full and understandable ideas.
Duane, P. (2008). Theories and personality: Cengage Learning Read More
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Theories and Personality Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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