Women's Body Shape and Motives for Physical Activity - Research Proposal Example

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The goal of the following document is to outline the rationale for conducting psychological research. This research aims at evaluating the relationship between the motives behind physical exertion and the physique or physical figure of middle-aged women. …
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Womens Body Shape and Motives for Physical Activity
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Previous research by (Segar, et al, 2006) reaffirms the realization of a negative link between the figure consciousness and physical activity in midlife women. “Promotion efforts that target weight loss and/or body shape might be detrimental to exercise participation and mental health among women.” (Silberstein et al., 1988; Ryan et al., 1997 cited in Segar et al, 2006, p. 184 – 185).
There are a severe need and rationale for conducting a study that addresses this issue because maintaining a smart physique has always been one of the biggest concerns of women but many of them fail to achieve that because they fail to realize that their consciousness is fundamentally causing and aggravating the situation. It is a harsh reality that the society expects women to be smart and beautiful, and when they fail to meet the standards laid out for them by the society, they are caught into a state of depression and anxiety. “Women experience cultural pressure to be thin and attractive, and they report high body dissatisfaction throughout their lives (Tiggemann, 2004 cited in Segar, et al, 2006, p. 181). Read More
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