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Environmental Factors That Have Been Associated with the Autism Disorder - Research Paper Example

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According to present conditions of autism, however, there is no tested finding for suggesting that any environmental factor has the significant capability to induce autism. The writer of this paper, however, seeks to investigate the environmental factors that potentially can cause autism…
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Environmental Factors That Have Been Associated with the Autism Disorder
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Download file to see previous pages Autism significantly affects the usual improvement of the mind of a person, immediately decreasing its capability for social communication and effective interaction. As a consequence, young people and even matured persons who have possessed autism have also acquired hardships in both language-based and non-language interaction, involving social connections, endeavors and fun-based activities.
Since the findings of medical experts regarding this condition, the desire for investigating the mental disorder thoroughly has developed tremendously. As a majority of experts in the medical, teaching and training subjects are yet to become totally oriented with autism and its impacts on individuals, various researches, findings and other connected data regarding the effects of environmental factors on autism were done. Because of these findings, much idea was obtained regarding the disorder. One is the false notion that persons with autism do not have the capability to initiate interaction with individuals or display their identities.
Based on Koegel (2005), as opposed to the ancient ideas, young people with autism and even matured ones have the capability to initiate eye contact just like ordinary individuals. They are also capable of illustrating their identities by displaying love, happiness, anger and other types of feelings. However, these displays of feelings may arrive in different types. Likened to the emotions of other persons, young and matured autistic people may issue a response either in a bad or good way to the place where they settle.
Autism is a sudden condition, covering different areas and forms. The traits, behaviors as well as the conditions of autistic people may become obvious in vast types of situations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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