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The Difference in a Persons Character: Behavioral Genetics and Emotional Measurement Methods - Research Paper Example

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The Difference in a Persons Character: Behavioral Genetics and Emotional Measurement Methods
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Extract of sample "The Difference in a Persons Character: Behavioral Genetics and Emotional Measurement Methods"

Download file to see previous pages The division of psychology that studies the link between genetics and a person’s behaviour is called behaviour genetics. We inherit particular genes from our parents, which have an outline for the creation of the human brain. As the genes are different, the brains of two individual people will react differently, and two persons in the same situation also tend to act differently. The role of behaviour geneticists is to examine the physical similarities in behaviour between two persons who are closely related, and whose genes are almost similar. The geneticists carry out experiments on animals to notice what features of behaviour can be inherited by the children. Generally, studies on behavioural genetics have been limited only to studies about twins and adopted kids. But recent studies conducted have been more successful by linking certain behaviours with DNA, which were helpful in recognizing possible places for certain genes, which were found to be associated with important psychological illnesses like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. These studies have also not been totally successful in being able to identify the genes that can be linked to a particular disease. The hunt for genes, which can be linked, to sexual liking and basic behaviour qualities, seems to be even more difficult. Scientists conducting research on behavioural genetics have affirmed that genes are responsible for many behaviours, which include homosexuality, violence, impulsivity, and development. The growing popularity added to the spotlight on genetic behaviours has contributed to the rebirth of determining genetic behaviour, the certainty that genetics play a major role in influencing a person’s behaviour. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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