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Research Methods in Psychology - Assignment Example

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The following study “Research Methods in Psychology” will make use of the survey method of research as it is aimed at finding out if the participants understood the way with which Sufficiency Economy Philosophy is applied to their organization…
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Research Methods in Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages This survey questionnaire will be divided into five areas such as Buddhism’s middle way, moderate spending, reasonable life conduct, self-protection, and knowledge and righteousness. A convenient sampling method will also be used in this study.
The research will be conducted for (12) months considering the number of days for the preparation of the survey questions, fielding and retrieval of survey questions, plus the tabulation, statistical treatment, and analysis.
The respondents involved in this study were selected at random by the researcher from among the citizens of Thailand.
A convenient sampling method will also be used in this study.
The research will be conducted for (12) months considering the number of days for the preparation of the survey questions, fielding and retrieval of survey questions, plus the tabulation, statistical treatment, and analysis.
The study will be delimited to the Thailand respondents who are Thailand citizens. The name of the respondents will not be presented in this study to protect the respondents' privacy for confidentiality reasons. However, their data will be presented to reveal the level of understanding among different organizations in Thailand as to the sufficiency economy philosophy.
Average Mean. This is used to determine the respondents' level of understanding. This was computed by adding the sum of the value of responses of respondents (range 1 to 5), divided by the total number of respondents. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Methods in Psychology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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