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Personality Reflection Paper - Assignment Example

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Personality reflection paper Name: Institution: Course Tutor name September 9, 2013 Personality reflection paper Introduction Every individual has definitive characteristics that manifest in behavior. These define people’s personalities and are important to interpersonal relationships…
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Personality Reflection Paper
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Download file to see previous pages My definition is comprehensive and offers a reflection of different definitions from various authors in history. It is for example reflective of Raymond Cattell’s definition as a benchmark that allows for prediction of an individual’s actions under given conditions, and David McClelland’s definition as a framework for understanding micro elements of a person’s behavior. My definition of personality also identifies three elements, “uniqueness of the individual,” consistency of behavior, and driving force in a personality, elements that are common to existing but diversified definitions of personality (Carducci, 2009, p. 6). Key personality features that define me Extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness are the key personality features that define me. Extraversion refers to an individual’s cohesive behavior in a collective set up to facilitate interactions with other people. My characteristics are consistent with this trait as I am a social person who makes friends easily and knows how to attract and retain people’s attention on subjects of interest. I also talk a lot, using jokes to brighten up dull conversations besides having a secure feeling even when interacting with strangers. My assertiveness towards leadership positions have established the personality trait that my peer appreciates. I also integrate easily into groups of people and characteristics such as being “good natured, cooperative, forgiving, compassionate, understanding, and trusting” have contributed to this (Daft, 2008, p. 99). These define my agreeableness personality trait and contribute to my interpersonal potentials. Conscientiousness, the extent to which a person is “responsible, dependable, persistent, and achievement oriented” is another feature that defines my reliability, honesty, and perseverance characteristics and me supports existence of the feature in my personality (Daft, 2008, p. 100). Key concepts or constructs that are used to explain my personality Competencies and tests are the constructs that are used to explain my personality. The two constructs are not measurable on a quantitative scale but offers bases for in-depth understanding for explaining my personality. My characteristics towards interpersonal relations such as ability to attract and interact with people, cooperation, compassion, and trustworthiness are examples of the constructs’ elements (Daft, 2008). Consistency of my personality features My personality features are consistent. Observations have revealed that only narrow variations exist but the core characteristics remain the same. My talkative feature is an example and even though moods may alter it, I remain talkative and always use it to cover negative attitudes and emotions. Another example that indicates consistency of my personality features is honesty that has remained my virtue despite instances of disappointments and betrayals. My features also converge to ideals of morality and while I would previously compromised my values because of circumstances; my traits are now absolute and are less dependent on the environment. Taking a personality test I have taken two personality tests before. My first personality test was based on Jung and Myers’ typology while my second test was based on Big Five Personality construct. Both tests confirmed my personality traits that I had observed and other people had confirmed about me. I was surprised at the first test because I did not ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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