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Environmental and Consumer Influencs Analysis - Coursework Example

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Environmental and consumer influence analysis Name: University: Environmental and consumer influence analysis Introduction Krispy Kreme donut or doughnut is a fried dessert food that is prepared as sweet snack and is sold in supermarkets, grocery stores and franchised specialty outlets…
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Environmental and Consumer Influencs Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Accordingly, the company allows customers to make online orders. Numerous psychological and social factors influence consumers in purchasing Krispy Kreme donuts. Some factors include personal attitudes, perceptions, motives, personality, social class, reference groups, and family (Harrison, 2012). Consumers perceive the donuts as high quality and affordable. In addition, the hot donuts motivate consumers to make an impulse purchase since they have a strong visual appeal when displayed in the stores (Wright, 2006). One of the psychological factors that influence consumer towards purchase of Krispy Kreme donuts is motive of the consumer. The motive refers to the internal energizing force that influences an individual’s activities towards the satisfaction of a certain need (Blithe, 2008). The motives of purchasing the donuts include hunger, need for self-esteem and recognition. Eating Krispy Kreme donut is like a status symbol. Another factor that influences consumer behavior toward the donuts is personal perceptions (Harrison, 2012). Consumers perceive the donuts as healthy, tasty and nutritious due to their existing thoughts and beliefs. In addition, advertisements on billboards have led to positive perceptions on the company’s donuts (Blithe, 2008). ...
Accordingly, consumer personality will determine the consumer behavior towards the purchase of a particular product (Blithe, 2008). Personality encompasses the traits and values that make an individual unique due to personal experiences or hereditary factors. Some aspects of personality include agreeableness, extroversion and adaptability. Individual who are more friendly, ambitious, agreeable and adaptable are more likely to consume the company’s donuts (Blithe, 2008). There are several social factors that influence the consumer behavior toward the purchase of Krispy Kreme donuts such as the family members and reference groups of the individual consumer. The family is the basic unit of socialization and different family members play critical roles in influencing the consumer behavior of an individual towards a certain product (Wright, 2006). Family roles and consuming preferences model children behavior through imparting social and cultural values regards to consumption of certain products (Blithe, 2008). American families prefer consuming fast foods from supermarkets and grocery stores especially confectionary foods. In this case, the decision of either a mother or father to consume Krispy Kreme donuts will also influence the children to consume the same product. Accordingly, each family life cycle such as newly married couples or older married couples will display a unique consumer behavior towards the demand for donuts. For instance, older married couples encourage their children to consumer donuts (Harrison, 2012). Another social factor that influences consumer behavior toward Krispy Kreme donuts is the social class of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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