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The Paper: ODD simply refers to the anger-guided disobedience observed by the children, in which the child(ren) suffering from such a disorder refuse to submit to the instructions and commands made by their parents, guardians, elders and teachers. On the contrary, they aptly display hostility and non-compliance to the instructions made by the elders (Valle et al., 2001:37). Hence, the disorder simply refers to the stubborn and obstinate behavior observed by the adolescents, where they stick to the point of their choice that has occupied their mind, without demonstrating any flexibility in their behavior altogether according to the advice made by the parents. The researchers recommend several reasons behind the ODD. The domains including genetics, neuroanatomy, and neurochemistry are interrelated ones in respect of developing this disorder in young children (Burke et al., 2002:1276). Consequently, inherited characteristics play vital role in respect of developing this disorder among children. Overt-covert behavior also uncovers different factors associated with the disorder. ...
Similarly, getting the victim of child abuse in an early period of life, in the form of mental, physical or sexual tortures at the hands of the adults may also develop ODD among the adolescents (Ollendorff, 1974:40). The researchers suggest that the children belonging to the age group from 1 to 3 years undergo the above-mentioned disorder, which may go a long way for the future years to come. Since adolescence is

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the era when the personality of the children start growing along with their cognitive development by learning from the social, physical and natural phenomenon existing all around them (Liebert & Spiegler, 1990:31); and if the children become the victim of ODD at such a young age, their leading a normal life may become a dream for the future years to come. The oppositional defiant disorder can be traced among the children in the presence of one or more symptoms, which include the children’s losing temper on petty matters and trivial issues; making unnecessary arguments with parents and elders, willfully hitting the things in order to force the adults to submit to their demands, deliberate breaking and defying the rules and principles, behaving in such a manner that could invite displeasure of the elders, remaining angry and annoyed all time, and others (Dengate, 2013:4). In other words, the child suffering from such a disorder turns out to be extremely aggressive and demanding, where non-compliance with any of his demand may invite his anger and resentment subsequently. One of the most startling aspects of the disorder is this that it may lead the children towards conduct disorder (CD) on growing adults. It is therefore, the treatment of the disorder is imperatively recommended


Oppositional Defiant Disorder Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Abstract: The present paper aims to elucidate Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) by exploring various aspects attributed to it. The main aim behind selecting the above-mentioned disorder includes the increase in the number and proportion of this order predominantly among the adolescents…
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