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Effects of Having Scizophrenia - Research Paper Example

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Client’s Name: Course: 4 March 2012 It is very important to be in the pink of health but many healthy people do not acknowledge the fact that being healthy is really important. There are several brain diseases which affect the normal lives of countless human beings; schizophrenia is one such disease which directly affects the brain of human beings…
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Effects of Having Scizophrenia
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Effects of Having Scizophrenia

Download file to see previous pages... This insecurity of theirs leads them into doing several acts which they would not have done had they not been suffering from Schizophrenia. The disease affects the speech and the behavior severely, being consistently disorganized in speech is a very big symptom of Schizophrenia. They may also appear incomprehensible to other people; some people may also get frightened by their behavior. “Schizophrenia is found all over the world. The severity of the symptoms and long-lasting, chronic pattern of schizophrenia often cause a high degree of disability. Medications and other treatments for schizophrenia, when used regularly and as prescribed, can help reduce and control the distressing symptoms of the illness. However, some people are not greatly helped by available treatments or may prematurely discontinue treatment because of unpleasant side effects or other reasons. Even when treatment is effective, persisting consequences of the illness – lost opportunities, stigma, residual symptoms, and medication side effects – may be very troubling.” (Schizophrenia as an Illness) The disorder has a variety of symptoms that involves cognition, emotion, perception, and other aspects of behaviour, which impair the patient's ability to function and socialise normally (Buchanan & Carpenter, 2005). Schizophrenia patients commonly experience auditory hallucinations and they are prone to delusions of conspiracy or disguised acts of harm against them (National Institute of Health, 2009). As with the majority of similar psychological disorders, the severity of symptoms in schizophrenia may vary greatly. Generally, mild to severe forms resulting in fear, isolation and irritability are the most common. Only the mildest cases of schizophrenia do not affect aspects of everyday life, while the moderate to more severe cases of the disorder may prevent patients from maintaining jobs, personal relationships, or even caring for themselves (Keefe & Harvey, 1994) Brief History of schizophrenia: The history and the existence of schizophrenia before the modern era, especially prior to the eighteen-century is one of the most controversial questions. Many consider schizophrenia to be noted since the age of antiquity, “that it can be traced in the written documents to the old paranoiac Egypt as far back as the second millennium before Christ” (Theocharis,2005).Half a million cuneiform tablets were written in 3200 BC in ancient Iraq, several thousand of them covered medical texts (Abdul-Hamid, 2003). Kinner Wilson, a British archaeologist studied and analyzed number of tablets contained information of psychiatric disorders (Wilson, 1996). He found that these text described epilepsy disease and a number of mental illness associated with it, Phobia , obsessive compulsive , Persecutory delusions and there was a description of patient with severe psychotic symptoms which May apply to the diagnostic symptoms of the disease of schizophrenia according to Schneider symptoms(Abdul-Hamid, 2003). However In these pre-classical and classical times such symptoms were considered to be the result of supernatural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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