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Clip Response - Personal Statement Example

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Growing Up Online The Internet has become possibly the most important tool in the arsenal of a number of people, and also for an increasing number of teens. This documentary style video is an attempt to understand the intricacies of, reasons for, concerns associated with children using the internet in almost every aspect of their lives…
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Clip Response
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Extract of sample "Clip Response"

Download file to see previous pages Some of these fears are real; and need to be addressed at individual as well as community levels – but on occasion the concern is misdirected and may be focused on the wrong element of the child’s lives. The documentary tries to go beyond the propaganda and understand the experiences of some children and combine that with the views of experts and parents to understand the phenomena of a child’s experiences with the internet on a deeper and more rational level. This is an extremely important issue in today’s age given the different technologies that children and teens have access to. Phones, computers, portable devices all contribute to their ability to access the internet and associated applications through every waking moment. While there is little discounting the value of social communication and learning that the technology brings to these children, the concerns about uncensored conversations, un chaperoned interactions with strangers and independent choices that are unsupervised by adults can sometimes become very real. The anonymity afforded by the internet helps some individuals to express thoughts that they may not do in their off-line lives; or the seek help that they need without the risk of stigma. The internet does help people make friends and gain information about new friends and acquaintances. A student new at a school is more likely to make friends online than in real life given the lack of pressure in approaching someone on-line as against off-line. These online friendships can often translate into friendships in the real world; while friendships from the real world can be kept alive and nurtured regardless of location. The internet does provide a number of research opportunities – about the world at large, as well as about oneself. Teens are able to explore personas and traits that they may not be able to experiment with in real life without negative consequences. They are also able to form and nurture relationships that may be intimidating for them in real life. On the flip side; the lack of guidance may be a distinct concern when it comes to teens using the internet. Parents are often concerned about the lack of control that they have over the child’s use of the internet; and in a few cases this is justified. In a majority of the cases though, this may not be a real concern in itself, and may only be a symptom of something else that is wrong in the child’s life. Inappropriate behavior online – as offline is basically a call for attention and help that is directed through a medium that the child feels most comfortable using. This may be considered a symptom of issues that the child is experiencing in other arenas on life and not just related to the internet. It is true though; those poor decisions may get made when there is complete lack of guidance and increasingly higher peer pressure in the teen’s online life. Experts believe that the behaviors that were exhibited by previous generations in their offline lives and the experiments that they attempted in understanding themselves are now carried out by teens in the online world. In consequence, some of the real problems faced by children in the real world have now started showing up in the online world. Cyber bullying and stalking have become real concerns that haunt parents and teachers; more so because there may be no visible indicators that this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Clip Response Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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