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Prejudice - a Feeling Which Could Never Be an Advocate to Any Person - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Prejudice - a Feeling Which Could Never Be an Advocate to Any Person" it is clear that prejudice is a human nature which one could not truly trace its origin. However, origins may not matter if an individual’s aim is to point on something rather than solving the social problem…
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Prejudice - a Feeling Which Could Never Be an Advocate to Any Person
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Extract of sample "Prejudice - a Feeling Which Could Never Be an Advocate to Any Person"

Download file to see previous pages In modern times as in the past decades, hatred, prejudice and bigotry are as evident as ever. We have Hitler for one to mention, a truly popular political leader who rose up in power against the Jews during his time. No man in this day might parallel the fame and power of the aforementioned man, however, it would be needless to mention all the ever obvious ill-informed opinions of one person against another because of the reasoning power of men. As Aronson (271) said about prejudice, this is caused by a person’s desire to justify himself in an act that is not of the norm. To this, we will be determining the reasons behind characters in some references. Pretty women’s Barney Thompson, played by Hector Elizondo is one of the characters who held an irrational dislike on Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, the main character in the movie who was a prostitute. Thompson’s attitude was not explained explicitly in the movie, however, analyzing his background and the high regard in his position as the manager of a high-class hotel could most possibly be the greatest factor that affected it. As a respectable hotel, customers are supposed to be well dressed, not just fashionably or expensively but most important is the modesty that is accepted in the highly educated circle of customers of the hotel. Since Vivian was dressed in a fashion that was obviously out of place, he was looked down by the customers and the manager, receiving stares that emphasized the humor in how the lady looked. This then was a suggestion to the manager to work things straight, getting rid of the ill-dressed woman who looks cheap enough to be in his expensive hotel.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Prejudice - a Feeling Which Could Never Be an Advocate to Any Person Research Paper.
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